From now on   THEDOGHOUSE  will no longer use anything that is not from thedoghouse.

If it is not my picture you will not find it on my page, site, blog, whatever you wish to call my Posts to you.

If it is not my tag from my brain it will not be used to LURE YOU TO MY PAGE, SITE, BLOG or post.

As for the Recommended Links i guess i will be on my own.

In the past several weeks THEDOGHOUSE has had complaints of loading and ads and cost, and how much money thedoghouse makes.


THEDOGHOUSE  IS  1o0.00% Free of any schemes to take from you readers except your time. NOTHING STOPS TIME. You give your time to me freely, and read,  and i give my time,  to you,  and create.

I remain yours,  openly and true.

pretty sky

You readers mean the world to me.


REGARDS   THEDOGHOUSE   i will toss in a picture just for good measure.  Happy.


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