SURE SAY SOMETHING SASSY (Hear is what you gotta do)


Like blah  blah  blah . . .Who asked you anyway . . .Smarty pants. HEAR IS WHAT YOU GOTTA DO

  • Write sally slapped sue 100 times and have it on my desk in the morning.

That should fix you.

Sure say something sassy and see what i care.  What did you say?  I can go jump in a lake?

Hear is what you gotta do.

  1. Go find me the lake to jump in and i’ll do it, but you still are not allowed to talk  like that.
  • Sure say something sassy if that is all you know how to say.

But don’t get me wrong, just because i let you get away with it doesn’t mean it is okay or fine even. Somebody else won’t like it.

Hear is what you gotta do.

  • Talk the way you would like someone to talk to you.

What? . . .You are kidding right?  After all the chances i just gave you to talk nice to me all you have to say is All right ass hole ? Do i even know you?  Are you not the kid down the street who played in my yard when you were 6-7-8-9 and 10,  then you moved away?. Are you Him?

Yeah who gives a F— Mrs. —.I want you to shut-up and give me your f—ing money and your car keys.

Say something sassy like that will you . . .How old are you now anyway, 20-24, what.        twenty-seven Mrs. —.  Is that right . . .Old enough to get a lick’en then.     He snorted out a snarled chuckle.   Mrs.—, moved as fast as lightning grabbing hold of the rolling-pin and beating the hell out of the LOST CHILD and said . . .HEAR IS WHAT YOU ARE GOTTA DO.

  • Get the shit out of my house go home and write 100 times i won’t rob and threaten people never again.  And iwant it in my mail box in the morning.               
    A wooden "roller" type rolling pin

    A wooden "roller" type rolling pin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Mrs.—, stopped hitting him and asked. Now . . .Are you finished with that sassy talk kid? Or do you need help with that too.



Things like this really happen in the real world, sometimes it targets off to a whole different scenario,  where someone really does get rob, and or,  murdered.  Or just beaten bad.  It all depends on, how and where, in this child’s or person’s,  life, they lost themselves, being driving  to be dangerous,  and even liking it.  Without an ounce of pity, care, remorse, or anything.   Just LUST of the pain they want to give others.

These are a different type of people.  as animals we walk on two legs and talk.  It is the Talking part of this which should be called,[by me].


Think what if it were the so-called animals that did the talking and not we the people. 

The Lion

Mommy my water bowl is empty.

Not all animals are savages as not all people are savages.

Sure,  go on, say  something sassy.





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