Today is one of those days where nothing matters. Emptiness consumes my mind and i wear the same cloth again. This day i wash my hands and splash water on my face and run a brush through my hair and this is good enough for me. After all it is only me. I think it is the weather . . .it is so cold after mother nature gave us a few super hot days, she blows cold down and all around us.   This makes me depressed as i put out my plants on these hot days and forgot to bring them in and now they are dying.

Why are you depressed . . .Because i Love that person and they do not Love me back.  They like me, they are fond of me, but they do not Love me. I need to be Loved like everyone.

But why them?  There are Hundreds of people out there, you can Love one of them.     That is nice . . .Good for them,  i Love someone already.  How can you just stop Loving. Real Love never stops.

What do you mean real Love?

  • I mean there is i think i Love.
  • There is LUST Love.
  • there is Only Love if you do or are or say.
  • I mean real Love is no matter what.

This is what,  i have for them, Love that is real and it hurts and it is warm and it is cold and it is sorrow and it is joyous. But i can not stop and move on. I do not know how to forget them. I need help, i need to go away, i need someone to take me somewhere for a long time where i can’t think of them because i will be interested in other things.  Well why can you not do it here by yourself?

Nothing today.


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