Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. at the 16th Annual Mo...

Actor Louis Gossett, Jr. at the 16th Annual MovieGuide Faith and Values Awards Gala (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christopher Walk where is he

Louis Gossett Jr.  where is he

These are two people, (entertainers), i never would miss on the television set.  Actually i got to meet Mr. Louis Gossett Jr.

He was doing a movie in Canada at the UPPER CANADA VILLAGE and i happened to be there that day.  The movie they were doing was called the James Mink Story. Strange i never had the chance to see the movie 

Cover of "Enemy Mine"

Cover of Enemy Mine

but just being in Mr. Gossett’s arms for a hug and an awesome kiss on the  cheek,  that i coud feel for what seemed like hours, was indeed worth the miss of the movie.  Plus we got the chance to see just how a movie scene is done.  [Take one ], snap. 

As for Mr. Walken . . .I have never seen him, man,  that would be crazy.  I could say, [ what i wouldn’t give to talk to him ], but i don’t want to sound nuts and i don’t want to worry the Lord. {He is still number one}, nothing to worry about.  But for just pure pleasure, I would Love to sit and chat with CHRISTOPHER WALKEN. 

Christopher Walken in February 2008

Christopher Walken in February 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is his voice and how he uses it . . .Does he always sound like that? I seen him in a singing video, Weapon of choice, i Love it, i was amazed he was singing and dancing and it was the best for me.

LOUIS GOSSETT JR. became famous to me,  with his movie, ENEMY MINE . . .That was magnificent.  Man oh man did i ever like that. He played the alien and his talking and his voice and actions were fabulous, he played the perfect part, and he played it all well.  The actor with him was great as well.

That is when i became hooked on him. He has another movie . . .Dog Town?  [Sorry not sure], i believe the movie is called Dog Town with MR. JAMES WOODS.  That was a great movie. It was about BOXING and going all the rounds with 10 different men. Wow!  They did a wonderful job for this movie too.  I LOVE several movies, like.

DARYL HANNAH- CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR, and SPLASH.   Splash was so very funny to me with TOM HANKS.   Then.   

THE BLOOD OF HEROS- with RUTGER HAUER.   Hmm,  he is  another awesome actor.   Holy sack,  these are great movies to me. There are many more, but meeting Louis and Walken would have been the best to sit and chat with.

One day by meer accident,  i was walking down by the water at The Upper Canada Village, [ I Love water and rocks ], i  just happened to look up, and there he was .  Mr. Louis Gossett Jr. , sitting in a trailer behind a  table, just getting ready to place a fork of food into his mouth. Then he froze, looking at me,  instantly i bowed my head,  raising my hand in gesture sorry, i then turned and walked away. Wow i saw Louis Gossett getting ready to eat . . .[ Funny ], we all eat. But wow . . .After a few hours we were allowed to see Mr. Gossett,  but they clearly said NO PICTURES! So he hug and kissed the girls on the cheek and shook the hands with the men. But when he came to me, [my turn], I wanted to say something to him about his acting and i did. I said as soon,  as he turned to me, I Loved you in Enemy Mine.

He looked into my eyes and took hold of me and kissed my cheek so powerful, i felt it for hours. Then he hugged me like a father would hug a missed child and i then heard him talk. Wow strong voice. It was in my left ear over my left shoulder while he was still  holding me. Very sternly he said . . .I SAID NO PICTURES. I will never forget it. It was magnificent to be held by him as he called out. I have the picture, and i still have the dress,  i was wearing,  that day.  He was so handsome in person,  so they all are.

What happened to these actors . . .


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