Beatnik (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow man cool threads, [snicker snicker].

Hey man on my way over this old man told me i looked like a beatnik man.

Wow man you do man.

How can i look like a beatnik man, i’m not wearing a hat. Got any weed man.

No man i told you my mom took it.

Hey man what about all your roaches.

I smoked them just before you got here man.

Awe no way man . . . They had a sale down the street from my house man.

Wow you went to a yard sale man.

No man, the old lady did, she bought me these cloths man,  she told me i couldn’t leave the house if i didn’t try them on man.

Oh wow man, [snicker snicker] why didn’t you take them off man.

You got to believe me man, she wanted me to try on this black hat, and bummed out shoes man, i took off man.

We better leave before my old lady returns man.

Why is that man.

Man your old lady called my old lady this morning and told her about a yard sale man.

Far out man.




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