You do things in spite.  

  1. You spent one hundred dollars on a birthday-your child is sick-you do not call off the party- you call people to make sure kids come.
  2. You win one thousand dollars at the bingo-you do not pay bills-you spend it all-back on bingo and lose every penny.
  3.  You want something you saw-so you steal from your friend-and blame someone else-allowing another friend take the blame.

Hear is what you gotta do

  1. Not care about your stinking 100.00 dollars- call everyone and let them know your child is sick. THE PARTY CAN WAIT
  2. Not spend every red cent back on the bingo-pay bills and maybe keep 60.00 dollars for another day at the bingo and win again.
  3. Not to steal OR HAVE EVERYTHING YOU OWN STOLE FROM YOU-over and over and over-oh yeah-you still wouldn’t understand.

Money is the root of all evil . . .Oh wait a minute.  LOTS of bad things happen without any money involved.  Hear is what you are gonna to do.

Play fair, play nice, play good’



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