What ever they tell you it is not true. 

  • You know for yourselves what it true and what is not. 
  •  Everything else is a story told by someone else.
  •  We all know how that turns out at times.

    "The Deluge", Frontispiece to Doré's...

    "The Deluge", Frontispiece to Doré's illustrated edition of the Bible. Based on the story of Noah's Ark, this shows humans and a tiger doomed by the flood futilely attempting to save their children and cubs. Français : "Le Déluge", Frontispice de l'édition illustrée par Gustave Doré de la Bible. Basé sur l'histoire de l'Arche de Noé, la gravure montre des humains et un tigre tentant en vain de sauver leur progéniture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Sometimes,  all the time,  as far as that goes.

Some people are just born liars and there is nothing anyone can do about it. NOTHING . . .Life is like that.  You have red hair and i have black thoughts and there is nothing in this life that can change it purely.  Sure buy what your money can but all in all we are what we are.  And so is the BIBLE, stories told by other people, then written by other people. WAIT . . .

  1. These people were not the people who lived the stories.
  2. Or who even spoke the original language.
  3. How can anyone know,  the true meanings of the symbols.
  4. People did their best hand describing,  this ancient scribbles into English. 

Get it . . .PEOPLE DID THEIR BEST TO TELL US WHAT THEY SO FORTH UNDERSTOOD about the happenings,  way back then,  when No,  one,  person on the face of the EARTH today,  knew,  any one, person alive back then.   NO body on this face of the EARTH can and or will repeat precisely what they heard or saw.  Why  because we are HUMans, HUmans, Humans. To aire is human . . .Point to one perfect human now or tell us if you were told of a perfect person with not one fault . . .Just one.  ANYBODY can have a say at this . . .Tell me and all of us of this one perfect person. YOU CAN’T can you.  Because there is not one nor will there ever be.

Valencian Bible (first Bible in catalan language)

Valencian Bible (first Bible in catalan language) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Little changes here,  small tidy-ups there,  a little dusting  here,  and a tiny  dash there, all finished and look how lovely it looks.  A black book with a shiny nicely printed GOLD word. BIBLE

  1. How can it wrong when every prisoner is given one.
  2. How can it be wrong when it is in every hotel.
  3. How can it be wrong when it is in very church.
  • I BELIEVE 100% IN MY KNOWING THE BIBLE was written by man, Okay,  HUMANS.
  • I also have no doubt that some of the Bible is true or somewhat real . . .But what parts are they?
  •  So many parts unknown to man,  is also,  what the bible tells.

If i want to tell you something,  to make you do,  what i want you to do,  i would make sure i somehow frightened you into believing what i had to say.  Simple . . . And back then,  people needed to get people to Listen, as people want us to listen today.  [Oh look what i found . . .I was swimming around down in there,

Bible in Stone

Bible in Stone (Photo credit: Lillian Cameron)

 and this raw leather book bound by skin from a wild boar from 2 A.D.  . . . Fell into the water right beside me.  Look what the book is a orignial script from he Bible page 785, It is told us to  Know ye, that he is the lord, it is he who made us and not we ourselves. We are his people and the sheep of his pastures.  Then they go on to tell us if we don’t listen and do what this God is telling me to ell you, you will fall into hell and burn forever.

So now the Bible has to be reprinted and we are all going to fall down now.Something there like that . . .Because life is like that.  always searching for new meaning, new hope, something greater to hang on to. When all the while God sits in your heart and head whether you like it or not . . .

Six day old human embryo implanting

Six day old human embryo implanting (Photo credit: Rebecca-Lee)

REMEMBER . . .In his image.



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