Again, we give up to soon, we quit to soon, why do we always end up quitting on our own self. Giving up and not caring to care about things,  especially ourselves. {As long as the everyday things are going smooth}, we let our  very being suffer the wrath of loneliness in a destitute place where the only other person there is you.  Just me by my self in side where no one has any control by me. I can do what i want in there is what it feels like. No thoughts of ever needing anything.  That way nothing can invade my only safe place inside myself.

Quit to soon.

  • Just as you were brushing your teeth,
  •  combing your hair,
  •  dressing yourself up clean,  and
  • looking like you ARE someone, with the
  •  new diet eating plan,  where you
  •  started to eat breakfast at a proper time and
  • have lunch
  • then come supper  or dinner as some people call it.

YOU QUIT . . .You found a road back inside your mind, blaming someone’s mess, that was  left for you to sit in or clean.  But you couldn’t handle this,  you have not the time nor the proper tools  or what ever it takes to deal with the rubbish blocking your way.  AND you  give up.

Stoppit and Tidyup

Stoppit and Tidyup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Why should your life be on hold because of someone else. 
  2.  How can you stop? 
  3. How can you work around this mess and just act like it is not your mess . . .BECAUSE IT IS NOT YOUR MESS! 
  4.  WHY STAKE CLAIM, to something,  that we would never do or could do or what ever it is  we do.
  5. Why take on this physical burden sending your mind into a metal state, calling it just cause.  

How do we ignore the things that bother us to a degree of over wrought-up,  driving us deep inside where we are untouchable. and don’t care about nothing or anything.

bless this mess

bless this mess (Photo credit: dalasie)


Sure we try to kid ourselves, pretending in the morning we are going to  do this and do that. 

  •  we know we are not going to do anything like it at all . . .
  • We will drink coffee and stare out the window and think thoughts of what we want  instead  of acting out what we want. 
  • We the big kiders of everything,  is going to be alright when we know it will get worse before we even try to make a starting point and get right down and do it. 


  1. Start by washing your face.
  2. comb your hair.
  3. smile at your face.
  4. Look into your eyes in the mirror.
  5. Can you see you?   Are you there?
  6. Re-wash your face.
  7. Wet your hair and re-comb it.

WHO is better than you,  who is greater than you, who are you, do you remember?     If you have no ties you can do plenty with your life.  It is called starting over.  There is nothing in your way.  Big deal if you are  boyfriend or a girlfriend.  What is that . . .School stuff. 

BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND is silly school kid stuff,  for school kids, which in my [ OPINION ] is not to be taken SERIOUS.  THIS IS A


Health (Photo credit: Guus Krol)

LEARNING EXPERIENCE allowing each other to learn about yourself and others, granting proper guidance and experiences for future references, where most of us want,  to Really,  find Love and marry.  And why not . . .YOU learned how to be with other people during school.  Unless you quit to soon giving up on school too. Or each other.

As for me i did not understand school in the first place,  so there really was no giving, { in my opinion once again }, that is.   We all have our own little quirks about us . . .Even the SANE.  Who are they but very fortunate people anyway. They have nothing to do with me and i have nothing to do with them.  Put me in a room full of people wearing ties and suits and just see what happens . . .

  • I would have one or two choices
  • Be the suit or be an idiot
  • Laugh like a fool or take over.
  • Chances are i will act the fool for the first part of it then take over.

I strongly believe iam allergic to people in suits and ties.  I tend to dow out of the crowd. That is neither here nor there. Or is it. It it a problem between people? [Suits and ties ]?  Does this fashion of clothing place burdens or barriers on us?  SOME of us.  YES it does. 

Prescription Drug Monitoring and Substance Abu...

Prescription Drug Monitoring and Substance Abuse Prevention Bill (Photo credit: Office of Governor Patrick)

This is a problem that must be looked at.  Because these tie wearing suit fashioned people are just like you and me at the end of the day.

Don’t give up and quit to soon.  You,  me,  have so much to be missed out on because we allowed something or someone to shut ourselves inside, when we should be out and wide open and enjoying life the way we are supposed to.  LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  JUST DO IT.  Remember that? Just say . . .Listen, just give me five minutes of your time,  and we can get this cleaned out-of-the-way, in no time at all. Oh but wait . . .Some people get angry and mad yelling like a crazed dog. 

They state the problem is not theirs,  and will have nothing to do with it . . .   What then?  I will tell you what then.

  1. Walk away.
  2. Give them the LAST WORD.
  3. If they persist in a confrontation.
  4. Give them one of passiveness.
  5.  Stop and turn and smile and wait.   Pardon me?

 It works every time.  YOU know how hard that is to do?  Me too. 

But i do it.  And if i have to,  i end with, “I just thought icould get a little help is all.”  Chances are they calm right down,  and help.  If they do help, you help too by changing the topic,  to anything,  you know they like.    Soo so very simple.   If they do not help claiming they have no time and or will help it later.  ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN . . .Happily.    Simply state you have the time and can wait, asking what a good time would  be on their part.  

Lunch time !!

Lunch time !! (Photo credit: etgeek (Eric))

  1. Thank them for their time they gave you now.
  2. Then go on your way. 

You will be surprised as to how many dilemmas can get fixed in this fashion.  Even our own little problem which we turn into mountains afraid to climb to the top of things squaring them out.

 Today is a new day like everyday,  we quit and give-up and start again, on a new day like today,  like everyday is a new day, to start again.




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