Myritingboard  myritingboard . . .What shall it be. Myritingboard or myritingboard or paper if you please. I write on myritingboard and i ritethings for all to see.

Deutsch: Berchtesgadener Ache

Deutsch: Berchtesgadener Ache (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I help you understand certain simple things,  that you should already see.

Myritingboard myritingboard . . .Will lead not astray. Never causing you heart-ache nor head-ache,  only rites which have been wronged.

Besides,  i tell you now and then,

Königsseer Ache

Königsseer Ache (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 there is a big red x,  at the top of the page which will lead you out and you can walk amongst your fellow friend and read not my words with meanings of love and honor and trust and so on and so forth. Life is like that. And i am titled out.


Deutsch: Windauer Ache

Deutsch: Windauer Ache (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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