Motorcycle (Photo credit: Nathan Wells)

A bike on two wheels.  A BIG bike on two BIG wheels, with a Motor that runs on gas, petrol, gasoline, petroleum, a liquid fuel if you will.  The motorcycle was, purely built,  with the principle of the bicycle.

Karl Friedrich Benz

Karl Friedrich Benz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This motorized vehicle has some characteristics of an automobile,  although it’s intending functions are those which a normal bicycle and automobile can not perform. Speed for the bicycle and narrow spaces for the Automobile. I am quite sure there are a few differences. But the top two are speed and narrow. 

This machine was first built by Baron Karl von Drais, a German man in 1816. Two years after he built his bike,  a French artist drew a cartoon of a bicycle being propelled by a steam engine.  [Back then bikes were known by name of draisine], but this cartoon was called, a steam-driven velocipede, {which caused all sorts of people},  to build machines of various styles. Like . . .

Indian motorcycle from 1928

Indian motorcycle from 1928 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • 1869 Washington D.C., two French men built a steam velocipede with a belt drive to the rear wheel.
  • 1879 Sir T.Parkyns and A. E. Bateman, built front-wheeled-drive tricycle with a twin-cylinder steam engine.
  • 1885 the first motor-driven vehicles were made in Philadelphia, by l.D. Copeland.
  • 1885 the first gas-driven tricycle by Karl Benz was shown to the public.
  • 1901 the Thomas and the Indian, [ THE FIRST REAL MOTORCYCLES]
  • 1905 The makers of the Indian motorcycle came up with the first twin-cylinder motor.  

    Benz Patent Motorwagen which is widely regarde...

    Benz Patent Motorwagen which is widely regarded as the first automobile was first introduced in 1885. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some manufacturers played around with the idea of a shaft-driven motor, but it was the twin-cylinder to stay. Soon after many, many people Loved the idea of the motorcycle and made them or had them built and started competing one another, which of course started the 20th century of the organized sport of racing.

 Back then it was the National Jack Pine 500-mile endurance run.  Today it is Indies 500, [you can correct me on that], anyone, because i really do not know. I know they have

Indian Motorcycle SF

Indian Motorcycle SF (Photo credit: jbolles)

TROPHYS for hill climbs still today,  and races around a tracks.  I know they are built,  in many

Steam Engines

Steam Engines (Photo credit: Timitrius)

different shapes,  sizes and colours.  I also know motorcycles can be great fun,  and they can be quite dangerous.  Sure do come in handy if you know how to ride though. Even handier if you know how to fix one.  I forgot. They now have weatherproof motorcycle mounts for mapping out destinations, and hydraulic motorcycle jacks.


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