English: Litography of Acapulco port in 1628, ...

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Hey man what do you want to do today

Got any dope man

Yeah man i have some Acapulco gold man

No way man where did you get that

I took it from my mom man 

Wow man your mom blows tea

No way man,  she took it from me last week man. I was looking for some red lipstick to write Lucinda a Love letter man,  it was still in her hand-bag man

1948 Acapulco

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wow man you wrote a Love letter. Choke  choke  choke.

Yeah man,  but because it was in red man Lucinda thought it was a letter from a satanic cult man.

No way man what did you say to her man

I told her, choke, we, choke, would be waiting, choke   choke   choke,  in the park for her man

Did you sign your name man

Image938-triangle choke

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I didn’t have time man my mother came in the room and slapped me in the head man.  She took the lipstick away from me man.

Wow man you should have found a pen and signed your name man

It’s to late man,  her father gave it to the police man.

Wow man what do you think is going to happen man.

My mom is going to jail man.

Español: Playa Manzanillo en Acapulco, Guerrer...

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Choke,  choke,  choke.




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