Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges (Photo credit: Automotive Rhythms)

There he is, looking back at me. I see him very time i splash water on my face, Jeff Bridges. The likes of him looking at me in the mirror. I stop to look back and only see me looking into empty eyes unknowing of any Love around me. If he knew me would he Love me? Would he keep me around or send me on my way?   Be off with you. I do not know this man but i see his face in mine.

When i was little,  all i wanted was someone to keep me, i was to young to understand love or anything about Love. As the matter of fact i knew nothing of likes or caring or anything really.  I did know i was passed on and over and never stayed anywhere very long. I was to young to know i was not wanted. To young to re-adjust again and again.

I did not talk much they say, but what would i say. I was to young to wonder why i had to leave. I knew not any better. It was my way of life as much as i knew it to be.  Come,  go,   sit,  never stay. I was to young.

I never bothered to ask the other children  if they stayed, i was to young to think anyone stayed. I came i went.

This man i see in my eyes,  looking back at me in the mirror, this Jeff Bridges, this flash figment looking at me,  he too only stays for seconds. Then i dry my face and only see the aloneness and me.  I was to young and never thought to ask. Who am i? Is this really me. Should i love what i see. Still,  no one keeps me. What is Love.


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