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Hey man,  i don’t understand.

What don’t you understand man.

Choke choke choke . . .Hey don’t reefer that man.

I don’t understand . . .Choke,  how you don’t understand,  that i don’t understand,  that you didn’t understand man.

Wow man, choke,  choke, i understand that man.  But i still don’t understand,  how you don’t understand,  that i don’t understand how you could of balled that chick man,  she had the clap,  man.

What are you saying man. . . She had the clap?

Yeah man,  she has the clap,  and you balled her man,  and i don’t understand that man.

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Wow man .  I thought you said to sit her on my lap, not she has the clap man . . .Choke  choke choke . . .You should of said it louder man, so i could understand.

Thats the problem man, you never listen. You better get your ears checked man.

All this time i thought you were up-set,  cause she is your sisters friend man.

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No way man, choke,  choke,  i ball my sister’s friend all the time man, that is how i know she has the clap man.



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