Illuminated Manuscript, Collection of poetry, ...

Illuminated Manuscript, Collection of poetry, Sultan Muʿizz al-Dīn is reconciled with his father, Naṣīr al-Dīn Bughrā Khān, Walters Art Museum Ms. W.623, fol. 212b (Photo credit: Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts)


  1. Each player must purchase a single page of manuscript/manuscript must sell.
  2. Each player must read and learn the page/game ends, at that point of the story. 
  3. Each page has a number that must be announced./followed by “and then”.

Example: First player will start the game by announcing “page one, and then.” Next player is to comply by announcing. “page two, and then.” and so on until the end of the game or story which ever comes first.

The first manuscript will start at 30 pages, and will be played until it is won/each page must be described in full detail with-in two minutes at it’s best/before the game can move on.

  • Game rules are hard YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PAGE

    English: Gharib al-Hadith, by Abu `Ubayd al-Qa...

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  • learn your page and story
  • describe out loud in full detail
  • drop your page in the box after you announce the page number and call out “and then.”


  1. You must have your page with you to drop in the box.
  2. The whole manuscript must be told.
  3. Your page will be placed in a container where one page will be drawn out of the pack.
  4. That one page and number will grant you one grand prize.

The more numbered manuscript the larger the prize.

The first prize will be one thousand dollars.

game over

Thirty people  coming to tell us all what his/her page is about, putting together a story that will thrill you, each in a different fashion.

  • Manuscript pages will be sold at forty dollars a page.
  • No rules to say a body can’t buy two pages/all rules apply to each page bought.
  • Should a page in the manuscript be missing or inscribed, the game ends/ foretellers each receive a chance to buy back in for the next round played/ prize money ups one thousand dollars.
  1. All players of untold manuscript can not buy into the second game.
  2. All described pages and people have first buy in the box for the new game.
    Manuscripts from the Mamma Haidara Library, Ti...
  3.  Should page one, player, buy back in, forty dollars/end up picking page twenty-eight/so be it.



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