Wow . . .Quite the topic.  Love,  devotion, idiocy, and stupidity.

When does our Love turn to devotion and into idiocy and stupidity. 

" Love is Blindness "

" Love is Blindness " (Photo credit: gmayster01 on & off ...)

I will tell you . . .For some of us we Love so much we are blind to the very fact,  that what we choose to Love,  is not a good thing.  But whilst living in this blinding state,  we become devoted to this thing we latched onto, giving it,  all our attention, and forgetting all else. Then we start doing silly things, that only idiots,  might think of doing, to satisfy  this devotion and then stupidity hits and we get hurt or killed, all for the Love of . . .

English: warning about stupidity

Image via Wikipedia

We forget to understand,  that people do not just come out of the wood-work,  to warn us of things they make up in their heads.  They see what we do not.  And because they are not blind to what we Love they can see and understand what we toss a side as their jealous-ness or something there like that, then we toss them a side, telling them to stop meddling.  [We need to understand people usually mind their own business], don’t they?   Don’t they only step in when they see dangers or something we do not? Sure they do . . .But once we choose to give our Love to something,  it is more than likely,  to late,  to hear anything anyone has to tell us.

English: Monument to the stupidity of lawyers ...

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So we Love the wrong person or keep the wrong pet or go on the trip or get on the wrong plane or what ever our Love holds onto, that other people see as unhealthy, and we devote ourselves to idiocy and stupidity that we normally would not do.

Love is strong.  Stronger than our Love for God.  Stronger than Hercules taking down the great pillars.  Stronger than Arnold lifting, 350 pounds of weight.

Heracles with club, lion skin and golden apple...

Image via Wikipedia

Love can be wacked making us do all sorts of weird things.  Like i Love Blogging to you so i am ignoring my call to the washroom and my stomach and the baby crying and i will finish this no matter what!









English: Hercules_Hatra_Iraq_Parthian_period_1...

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