It is cold,  i am alone . . .To cold to sleep.  I lay here shivering,  wondering when morning will arrive. At least the sun will warm me somewhat, at least the sun will come.

But don’t worry my child,  you are here to break the chain.  I need you to be strong and carry on until the day i call for you. Don’t worry about love and other people,  they are not important yet, your time will come and Love will find you, just not now. You are not ready for this emotion, you are weak to learn what life means.

Life is not other people and their feelings, life is how you learn to walk through it, and understand what you are to do in it. But i can assure you my child,  life is a treasure with plenty to be found. It is a long lonely process at times with many rewards. Don’t give unto pity for yourself . . .Pity is for others to give unto you or you give unto them. Never pity yourself, this is dangerous.

Sheep flock together for they are not strong alone.  They stay in herds and walk in each others shit. Alone is to carry a certain knowledge of understanding and great strength. Do not worry about these sheep, stand back and learn and you will see you are not alone and cold. There are many just like you, you are the chosen ones.  In time  you will have eveything you need.



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