• Well here we have it . . .Fat and Flab. Boo. What do we do,  when we are nothing but flabby and or fat.  WE have choices of course.
  1. Care
  2. not care
  3. sit and eat
  4. exercise and eat proper
  5. or buy bigger cloths.
  • What happens if we just don’t care,  but deep down we cry at ourselves,  wondering how and when we got this size.
  • What happens if we just don’t care , but deep down we cry because we know it is the cause of our health problems.
  • What happens if we just don’t care, but we really do . . .

Hear . . .This is what happens.  We quit on ourselves,  blaming everything else, [i do]. And i am sure we all do.   I am not saying we have to be skinny! THAT IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL. THAT IS JUST AS DANGERIOUS, as being fat. 

FLABBY, is just lose skin,  and i am terrified of this flabby stuff. I have lots all ready.  And no matter who i blame,  i know deep down,  i am responsible for my size.  I just don’t know what to do about it now, because now,  i am afraid i let my body get fat, to many times, stretching  out my skin over six or seven times.

FAT and Flabby and The Eye Of The Beholder.  I guess it is how we present ourselves.  We can dress very pleasing to the eye no matter how big we are.  This all depends on the beholder and how shallow their insight is. SURE WE ALL WANT ATTENTION FROM SUPER HERO BODIES.  But what the hey man . . .I have come across some of these hot bodies and they are into themselves anyways.  So  what is the big deal wanting a super body to want you, to have and to hold.  Love is inside not outside.  But getting back to being fat and flabby . Ouch> we have to eat different and workout.  BUT . . .This MUST, be done properly or it turns to flab.  I know . . .As i am five four and weigh 175 lbs.  Shame on me, not you. I said shame on me. I let myself get this way and now i have sore knees and heavy on my feet and all my cloth fit someone else. But i have no one,  and i use that for an excuse to stay fat and flabby. If i would only realize that if i tried to lose some of this i may meet a nice person and or maybe lose more . . .But look what i am doing . . .I am again using the fact that maybe a relationship will force me to lose poundage. WHY?

WHY am i using, [ if i had a friend ]?  Why can i not just lose it for me?  I know why . . .[ What for ].  I don’t feel important to me  to care, to do hard-core exercise for 30 extensive minutes.  Plus what kind of hard-core exercise,  do i do,  that will not cause,  all this stretched out skin,  full of fat,  not to FLAB-out.   They tell me after a certain age skin can  not shrink.  PLUS it is not fun exercising alone.  To join a gym is to have play money, as spas and gyms are costly.

IF I AM THE ONLY BEHOLDER UPON MYSELF WILL I FIND MYSELF A PLEASURE TO LOOK UPON?    NO . . .I blame everything that i can and just go on with what i do.  Which is wishing i never let myself go in the first place.  I Blame an injury . . .I blame him . . .I blame the cook . . .I blame you . . .I BLAME EVERYONE BUT ME.  Because is that my fault too? 





Why did i let myself go . . .Alone i guess.


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