We had another party, it didn’t go as well as the first one as the weather changed causing the roads to fill with snow.


It snowed for two days

This was sad for the Birthday girl.  But once the party started and the games were played things went well and the party girl, became quite happy and forgot about the impact the sudden snow storm had on the evening.  It wasn’t long during the night when i was standing near the coat check with  the Birthday girl just having a chat, when, when we heard someone complaining and much more up-set than she. But life is like that . . .And this is what we heard.

I lost my dope and don’t know where to find it.

“What the F are you talking about?     I don’t know,  i put it in my pocket.  I told you to let me hold it.      F  that . . .You would have smoked it with out me.                           F-you   ass-hole,   you f-ing lost it.     Hey wait a minute . . .This isn’t my coat. 

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Well that is when i figured i should go in the coat room and check things out. {After i stopped giggling}, because it did sound funny to us.  So i stepped around the corner and surprised to see who it was, but just asked if everything was okay.  This is what the one of them said . . .

Yeah, yeah. We’re just in here because we thought it was the bathroom and this coat fell on the floor and buddy is just hanging it up, and you came in.      “Here let me take this coat and she can show you where the bathrooms are.”      The guy holding the coat handed it to me saying . . .No it’s okay i just want to find my coat.

I scratched my cheek and gave it a pinch so as not to laugh and i asked the guy . . .Is your coat Leather? ( Hey man you’re good) Is your Leather black with a motor cycle patch on it?  (Holy f man,  what are you physic ) His friend just stood there amazed with his mouth opened. And i said . . .”No, i’m not physic . . .Your wearing it.”

Well if that don’t take all . . .He started giving his friend crap saying . . .What the f-man,  you could have told me i had my coat on.  So they argued about that.

WHEN DO YOU FIGURE YOU HAD ENOUGH BOOZE IN YOUR SYSTEM  I told this guy maybe he should consider having something to eat and have coffee or water for the rest of the night and no more booze.  

80's party

I work out Happy Birthday

That is when his friend announced. ” No, no, It’s okay,  he doesn’t drink, he is always like this.  Thanks though, we’ll be fine.         [Short end of the stick then ]. . .When the Lord was handing out brains,  you thought he said rain,  and said,  just a little.






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