HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and everyone on this very given day.  Which is everyday.  I love to be in charge of Birthday parties. 


Happy birthday

That way it gives me full say . . .YIPPEE BOSS FOR THE DAY. This is the second party in 49 or 50 days that i get to be in charge of it all.  Awesome . . .Because i like to play games and get everyone to play as well.   Plus to dance where someone calls out SNOWBALL, where everyone changes partners. Then KARAOKE.  

birthday cake

The best birthday cake ever

This puts everyone at a special place in their minds where they are one of the best singing celebrities going, and or the coolest of critics, telling everyone they stink.  Everyone is having fun and the prizes are worth the while making all happy they came. 

It is so good to see each other, people and friends and family that are miles and miles away, where you only see them in a picture as we grow up and go on our own way.  

English: Metallized nylon (Mylar) Flexmetal an...

Image via Wikipedia

Because some of them, you grew up with,  and the memories play over in your mind as you sit with them only for the minutes, 


Thirty years ago i remember you, you put your fork in my drink

until some other face catches your eye.  BIRTHDAY PARTIES are the best. Maybe it is the BALLOONS . . .Everyone seems to like to burst balloons. Even if they don’t like balloons they like to break them.  I myself feel when balloons are to close to my face, they are sucking the life out of me.  Maybe it is the static i feel all around my ears.  This Birthday will be fashioned in the 80’s Culture . . .Where everybody wore spandex, scarfs, short dresses, top-hats, big cloths and BOY GEORGE

Balloons of the Ferrara Balloons Festival

Image via Wikipedia

popped out of the wood-work, known as the CULTURE CLUB.  But the fun is the chance to see everyone again where we get together to celebrate a birth, and play,  dance,  sing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.



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