I am feeling under the weather for the last couple of days, this makes everything i do hard to do.  Even BLOG! I can not think with this head cold and dripping nasal. {I need fresh air.  But i did spend all morning answering comments . . .Some of the comments made me laugh or giggle or made me think. [What? ], but i read them and answered them, before i went to do some walking to lose weight.  And let me tell you it took me all morning to answer 39 comments.

  1. So i went waking.  Walking to lose weight.
  2. I wished i would have brought my camera maybe tomorrow . . .It would have been nice to take pictures of the dirty black snow.
  3. Plus a few things i saw caught my eye.

I did not walk very fast,  i had the wrong shoes on. I wore my shape ups . . .Very bad choise!  These shoes are not for walking, there is no support for my in-step, so with every step i took,  it hurt, which answers why i did not walk fast OUCH . . .

  • But the walk it’s self felt good.
  • As windy as it was,  i was happy i brought my CD player.
  • The ear piece acted as ear plugs, too much wind makes me dizzy.
  • it was not cold, the afternoon was beautiful.

I walked for one hour before i got back home. The last couple of blocks i was up-set as the bottoms of my good pants were soaked and filthy. Tomorrow i will make sure to wear proper walking shoes with shorter pants and remember to bring a camera and new batteries for the Walkman be able to listen to my C D of  COLDPLAY.  I Love COLDPLAY they are good listening music. . . .By the time i finish this,  i will have  filled my key board with thousands of germs and will have to disinfect it.  I hate being sick-good health to you all.


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