WHAT?                  Free?                  Did someone say free?

I like free, who does not like free.   I guess it all depends what the FREE thing is right?   Right.  But wait . . .There happens to be lots of things that are free and lots of people don’t want that particular free thing.  Why?  Why would it be,  that someone,  would not want,  something,  that is said to be free?  I will tell you why . . .A waste of time or junk, or scam, or something you do not like in the first place.

Then we have FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE . {Need i say more?}.

What is that and what does that mean?  WE have FREE   which mean there is no cost . . .[Here is where it gets confusing ], we have MONEY BACK . . .BUT THERE WAS NO COST . . .{ So to really catch us they added the word}, guarantee.  GUARANTEE?, We all know what this means . . .Don’t we . . .YES WE DO. 

  1.  A pledge
  2. Assurance
  3. An obligation
  4. A promise to replace
  5. And  security for another’s debt.

But if this is all FREE,  what is this money back GUARANTEE,  doing at the end of the clause?   Could it be a SCAM?  WELL YES.

Yes it is a scam and we fall for it every time. STOP FALLING,  Learn to recognize a scam when you.

  1. Read one 
  2. When you see one
  3. hear one
  4. You can smell one even if you think about.

FREE     MONEY BACK     GUARANTEE   –  Do not belong together. Because you always end up paying somewhere in order to get your money back.  Then you end up with this GUARANTEE clause . . .Which is not Santa Clause all be-clause you did not see the scam in the free money back guarantee.   GET IT?    [ gua  RAN  tee ]. RUN from those head-lines and see how much money you just saved.


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