I can not blog this day as i am going to the BINGO with my MOM . . .No it not this time to see her it is to win..>MONEY.  Which i can not seem to do . . .This makes me sad as i am a looser . . .Hahaha.

waste of money

Can i dab in purple?

Yeah like i have nothing better to do with my time, than to sit there dabbing paper with numbers with any color of ink I Choose.  I think i am turning into a bingo Lover.  Oh no . . .There goes my luck in ever find a man now . . .I will be sitting in a bingo hall waiting to call BINGO.

Great day to you all . . .THE END     

THEN   What if i should win? 

The win

Look what i can win . . .maybe . . .if my numbers come in :)

What then?   Will i spend it all back into the bingo hall? Will i shop and buy a nice thing? I WONDER.



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