A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

I like it when people give me the opportunity.  As the matter of fact i like it very much when anyone offer me a chance to any opportunity.

Why i was just recently given the opportunity to answer a question and also asking my opinion as to a matter.  Well well . . .It felt  grand that it was me to answer.

But even greater still . . .I would highly recommend wordpress.com to everyone who needed to communicate with the outside world.

I am only saying as i was asked recently

  • What if all of a sudden gravity just stopped?
  • Would we hit our heads on the ceiling?

    English: Composite image of the Earth at night...

    Image via Wikipedia

  • If we were outside would we fall off the Earth?

I’m just saying . . .You know,  they are telling us the

END OF THE WORLD IS COMING. They are basing this fact on the Mayas Calender which is,  to be said,  it RAN out of time for DECEMBER 23, 2012.

I’m just saying that my parents and their parents never spoke about this ending . . .But maybe they just found someone who lived back then, when the Mayans,  walked the Earth, and that person can read the hieroglyphics.

Chaak WallI’m just saying based on agriculture the Mayas all of a sudden were here 300 A. D., and slowly started to decline by the 10th century. Then by 2000 B.C. they were talking and they spread themselves out not world-wide but far.

But a$ far a$ it goe$ . . .DINOSAURS and other PERHISTORICbeings lived on Earth too . . .Where did they go? Could have the Earth stopped before and they fell off . . .Of course the things inside banged their heads and everyone or thing outside fell off.

Various ornithopod dinosaurs and one heterodon...

Image via Wikipedia

I’m just saying . . .At least it gives you something to think about. How many times did the Earth stop. What is the end of the world.

OH yeah . . .The BIBLE . . .It is not as old as these MAYANs . . .But God is.          Never mind then . . .For God said NO MAN {no man}, [no man ], will every predict the END OF THE WORLD. I am Thetaler am I am Telling you YOUR GOD SAID NO MAN will ever predict the end of the world. 

Sun bright

Red sky at night, sailor delight. Red sky in the morning take warning

I’m just saying what is the end of the world . . .Is it when one man dies an other man is born, thus the end of the first man and his world and everyone elses world that knew him quite well and can not bear the brunt of his death, nor carry the burden . . .Something there like that as i myself lost a world where i knew it.   I believe, if many of us believe it is not the end then





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