art partyWhat noise . . .I keeping hearing about people hearing noise.  Apparently,  people are hearing,  and have been hearing,  this low humming sound in the sky,  in the water,  in the woods . . .What is up with this noise people are hearing?  Is it resounding or something there like that? 

It is starting to make me think about this Mayan

Picture of an infant wearing a hearing aid

Image via Wikipedia

Calender they are also talking about, and how it ran out of time for December 23, 2012, and the world is to END.  Again?  How many times have we been told the end of the world is here.  Well i’m still here and i believe in what they told us in the first place . . .NO MAN SHALL EVER PREDICT THE END OF THE WORLD . . .

"Tidens naturlære" 1903 af Poul la C...

Image via Wikipedia

  1. So what is up with this sound?
  2. And how come i don’t hear it.
  3. Do you hear strange sounds?

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