the Shroud of TurinI know material can last almost for ever  but how long is forever and what kind of material is it made of. Material, material? or material.

They tell me that this is a cloth,  Jesus was placed in,  after they killed him by beating him with a thorn branch and stabbing him in the side while hanging on a cross. Is this before or after mid-evil

First page of the Gospel of Mark, by Sargis Pi...

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times . . .I was not around for any of these things i only hear the stories. Then i think about if i want to believe or not.  Until then,  I know nothing of these early times. As the matter of fact i know no one, who was a live in these times to be able to attest to these stories.  So  they are stories to me.  Real is what i see or feel.

And about this HOLY SHROUD?  I have never seen it or heard of it until they put it on a television show. And as i watched and listened and tried to put things together in my head i found this topic to be one of great interest.  Especially that  believe i have a thorn plant that is growing into a tree,

thorn tree

If you can really see and feel these thorns, they are the same as sewing needles.

called,  Euphorbia.

The Euphorbia‘s thorns are very, NO . . .More than very . . .The thorns are just like needles and are just as strong.  The thorn itself is large and can do very, very serious damage.  So i can see the blood it will cause as i have been pricked by this plant several times, bringing blood. AND IT HURTS!  No joke. Plus,  some thorns are poison to the flesh and can cause infection.

They say on this HOLY SHROUD is the print of a man and they call this man JESUS.  People wonder how the print of this person embedded it’s self into the cloth. They go on to say it was put there by way of light.  WEll i thought . . .And i thought and stopped at the thought of the blast,  and,  brightness of this light. Because they tell us that to see the face of GOD is impossible because of the light around it, that we will go blind.

[ That is bright ], wouldn’t you say? We can not even look at the sun we will go blind.  So speed, light and impact will leave a print of any kind that i know of.  So i can understand what is ment by the blast of light

The Museum of the Holy Shroud, Turin, Italy.

The Museum of the Holy Shroud, Turin, Italy. (Photo credit: Jim Linwood)

forced through JESUS’s body to bring him back to life, left his bloodied body print on this cloth.  You know the print was BURNED into the material by this force of energy, light is energy.

I am more concerned with the fact that it lasted all these years, with all the handling it went through by way of KING after King having to have it to cure them of some strange ailment, claiming to have cured them, therefore all the other Kings hearing this needing to have the cloth.  They sure did take care of this HOLY SHROUD didn’t they. Then we have well over thirty scientest working on it.  To believe or not to believe that is he question.  Was there a JESUS?  Is there a Cloth?

It would be good to know there was a REAL JESUS and they are not just stories.   Stories, that someone told somebody,  then somebody wanted to tell a friend,  but added things in, that made this Jesus sound better’

But,  for all we know,  there was a man named Jesus,  and he did awesome things,  and he did die for us,  and he was the son of God, and this HOLY SHROUD is HOLY.  For all that is Holy shall live forever.  And we are not Holy. We are all still sinners.

The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594

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Brand New babies are HOLY.  Then they grow up like us, and say and do things in the name of sin.  Because life is like that.





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