Shoot team

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Just wondering if you heard this . . .What makes dad shoot daughter’s computer.

I seen the head-lines on the News page,  but did not read it as i thought it to heavy for me to want to know.  This is the year two thousand and twelve and we have many ways to put a computer down,  rather than to shoot it in the yard, no matter what the computer did to you.

Unplug it. Turn it off. Give it away. Drown it.

But you don’t shoot it.

Recreation Hall

Recreation Hall (Photo credit: CT State Library)

  • Oh wait a minute . . .If my computer became possessed and i just happened to have a loaded gun lying around, i’d shoot my computer too.  Need i say more.
  •  I took my computer out to the barn and hung it in the rafters over a bucket of sheep poop with a loose knot. That will teach it. 
  • Frig that . . .I took my daughter’s computer for a drive, same spot i dropped off that old dog.
  • Yeah i know what you mean . . .I told my computer it had one more chance.

 Quick . . .Get the computer out of the house  it moved. Everybody start shooting.   Wait . . .What do you do when your computer still has power. 


Now is this girl going to think her dad is nuts for life?

English: Chicago-Read Mental Health Center sign
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Maybe i better read the article before i flap my lips. 

Okay i read it and like the sign reads . . .Is highly recommended.


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