I have a head cold IN MY NOSE

Superman Promoting 'Red Nose Day'

Superman Promoting 'Red Nose Day' (Photo credit: StephenMitchell)

A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets
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I hate it when i can’t breath and the pressure build up on my face around my nose is bursting with pain.  I have a head cold in my nose. wonderful . . .

This what i did so far . . .ATE lots of fruit . . .I HATE fruit.

 I took ONE, Advil cold and sinus gel pill . . .I hate pills.  Last night.

Then when i went to bed i plastered VICKs VapoRUB across my nose and under my eyes and over my cheeks, then after a minute i wipe it off with a kleenex. Where i was able to breathe through my nose until i fell a sleep.

I did a few jumping jacks and it cleared my nose for a few minutes. No joke. It must have been the altitude.  They do tell you to exercise when you are sick, it makes your heart pump blood. 

Then this morning i again ate an orange and took ONE Advil.  My coffee tastes like . . . Something else. YUCK!  but i still drink the stuff.  That would be fun to quit. Coffee.

Anyway i am sick in thedoghouse today, and will do my best to give you MORPH 4  . . .Down with illness.  Up with life.



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