海南三亞市全景左(Left part of City Sanya in Hainan China)

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海南三亞市全景右(Right part of City Sanya in Hainan China)
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Sanya is concerned, she feels her clock is ticking out and she wants to be married. It has been five tears that she gave herself to this man and he has no intent of marriage as he does not have the trust in her that he gave his first Loves.

His first Love, he was fifteen she was 14, she did not like him after several months and moved on.  [ This is how we learn what we like in a person], is it not?   But when we are young we do not look at life and what we think is love, this way, do we. . .We tend to feel used and tossed a side like toilet paper, we also feel something is wrong with ourselves, instead of realizing it is,  learning experiences.

There was nothing wrong with this boy, she simply was not the girl for him.  But he chose to take it the wrong way and feel he did something.  When actually the girl was a girl who liked to party all the time and he was more settled in his ways and learning what it was to be 15 and did his chores and made sure he received his grades and stayed on the HONOR ROLL.

Man thinking on a train journey.

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When he was eight-teen he thought he would try dating again this time with a different attitude.  So he thought.  He tried acting in a different manner and pretended to be someone he was not . . .This gave him trouble of course. HOW CAN YOU BE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT?  He did not know who and he was getting frustrated at himself and taking it out on his second new girlfriend.  That ended bad with her thinking he is an asshole and he thinking girls are bitches.  CRUEL WORLD. Girls cheat.

Now he is 22 and he meets Sanya, a tall lean girl, a french girl, she spoke english very well, but she is French, giving her that special eagerness of comical misunderstandings, sometimes.  This was indeed cute to him and fun for her.  She was a lovely young girl and he wanted to get to know her better.  So he did . . .But with a shyness. 

They both had friends in the same sort of circle,  so they would see each other from time to time, and slowly he would come around and chat lightly here there with her.   It was several months later when the,  spark,  formed between them and they gained excitements to see each other.  It was cute,  it is nice to watch Love grow.

Marry U

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Five years have passed now and she feels her clock ticking and she wants a wedding and a baby. Little does she know he has no intentions of marriage as he is missing the main ingredient . . .Something she knows not of. So she waits and readies herself to ask, to say, to let him know how she feels, she is twenty-seven now and can hear the tic tic tic tic tic tic tic



SAYNA was nice as she spoke to him, she was sweet and full of care. She held her grace,  as it is not, for a woman to ask of a man to marry.  Indeed should this something be wrong with this woman no one will marry. Then and only then should a woman say will you marry me.  Oh please . . .I will be your friend . . .I will cook for you and stuff.           This was not Sanya.  Sanya was raised up to be a nice lady and an honor should a man marry. She is proper. Tic tic tic tic tic tic tic she is forced to ask after all these years, eight of them, she gave herself to him whole and to him alone.


English: going to marry a girl in it...

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He said no

Her heart cried out but she made not a sound.

THE BUBBLE HEAD had no meaning of the word trust . . .There was not trust . . .What is trust when two other girls left . . .How do i know you won’t cheat on me too.

 . . .How can you say no,  until, you trust me . . .When did i ever cheat on you, when did i ever leave you, how do i know if you cheat then too.

YOU ARE A BUBBLE HEAD. Guys are dumb and i mean it.


Bubble head full of empty space. Lots of room to understand What Love really is . . .

Love is trust.  NOT  LUST.  Love is staying. Not leaving. Love is forever.  REAL LOVE THAT IS.  Because life is like that, we tend to Love you bubble heads.

My Love

My Love (Photo credit: Jennuine Captures)





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