Should i like to say at times but i don’t.And buy me a ren foot pole and i’ll use it . . .And why do men not,  understand that women have a time factor to act in.  A bottle of nail polish or 10 inch linked chain.  Whats it going to be . . .

VALENTINE DAY is coming that should be fun . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen Should i like to say, but i don’t. . .Come into my life and make me whole. But then i don’t. I just want things to be different. I think because i just want to do it on my own, or believe and think that i can. You know,  to take of myself and become whole again.

Ladies and gentlemen once again.  I hide things to keep them safe but  never find them again.  Why should i have to hide things in the first place. Why? Why should anyone have to hide anything at all. Is it because there is no trust?     Why buy a gift.

TRUST . . .[ Heavy hard word ] i don’t even like to use.  TRUST?  What really does that word mean, trust fund, trusttickle, lustickle, what. This word trust has only one meaning to me and it goes like this. { Trust in the Lord. } And i do . . .So, that i only trust in the Lord and there are no Lords here on Earth i have a problem with this word trust.  Trust me i only love you their just my friend.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen  I give you me and the walks of my life thus far.What gives any one man/woman the right to tell you [ i will marry you when i know i can trust you ]? What?         Twenty-five million times what?,.    I need to understand how that saying makes any sence what so ever? 
  • I have no words for it, same as for the person this is being said to . . .
  • Why would they stay with anyone that had no trust in them?,.
  • Why? 
  • Is it for the sex? 
  • I am confused as to why people stay in relationships that have no trust, caring, understanding, freedom, likes, and falling out of love ness?
  • There has to be a reason they stay.

I say these are some of the reasons, as these are the only,  reasons,  i can think of that make,  any,  sence to me.

  1.   The sex is good fun great.
  2.   The money is worth it.
  3.   NO where else to go.
  4.   Fright for life. or the children.
  5.   LAZY to lazy to do anything about it.

  Comfort and drugs.        I gather some of these answers are true as to why people stay,  where they know, they can’t,  be trusted. So silly to stay though . . .But life is like that.

UNWORTHINESS-is the number one answer thought,  to many people feel this worthlessness,  and stay where they are,  [at least are.] . .If you know what i mean . . .At least they are not on the street and or . . .Something there like that, ladies and gentlemen, some people just take life-like that.

Ladies and gentlemen i give you MICHEAL JACKSON One of the GREATEST PERFORMERS Of OUR time . . .None can deny this name as did JESUS.  WHY . . .Simple.  Micheal Jackson is our time area where Jesus was Somebody elses area and none one is alive,  in our area , to tell us or show us, Jesus, so we call him stories. 

But I can tell you MICHEAL JACKSON was indeed real in our time and we do know him.  and he said   “One bad apple shouldn’t spoil the whole.”   Sure there was more to the line than that but big deal . . .We just want the part , one bad apple should not spoil the whole.  The lot of it all . . .Why should one thing spoil everything? 

Why Ladies and Gentlemen should life be so hard.


AND THEN    Ladies and Gentlemen some times there is and then.  Some times i wonder if it is annoying that there is indeed and then in some of the blogs?   What then. Shall i leave them out and start a new page? Shall i give it right out as you are here i am here.  Why not?  Guys are strange and so are women, they make it their everyday duty to know every move you make?  WHY?  Why do some people feel it is their obligation to know every move you make. {Where are you, what are you doing, who is all there, what are they doing}? What?  What is wrong with these people?

This brings to mind the music group, THE POLICE,  or is it STING, with their stocker song, [i call it], it goes on like this.  I’ll be watching you, Oh can’t you see you belong to me, with every breath you take every move you make i’ll be watching you.    I enjoy the music to this song and find the words to be funny and stock-ish, is all. But people are like that in real life and i do not understand why?

Don’t we belong just to our parents and outside that we are all each individuals? Each and every one of us different or something like that. . .

But life is like that i guess . . .Animal instinct?  Ladies and Gentlemen>>> You belong to me, [and i better not be seeing you reading anything ever else and blah  blah  blah blah  blah  bl . . . You know . . To funny. But just think . . .Everymoveyoumake.

     P.S . . .This may somewhere say Mr. Jackson is my all time favorite but he is not There happens to be to many great entertainers out there to pick one. He just said don’t let one spoil it all.



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