Posting my condition?  What condition . . .Oh yes my condition.

Is it drinking problem?

No . . .It is water, i was pretending for a story wrote . . .THE FLASK DRINKERS

test drink

What condition my condition was in






I see i am wearing rubber gloves.

test drink

Oh you mean this condition

 Because my condition became scary and my flesh is out.






No,  it is a germ problem or something there like that.


oh no i can't keep doing this

It is my hands in other people’s filth
How unfair is that in my own home to have to always clean up after adults.

NOT my baby's mess my babies are grown up


my skin comes off with dirty things

How horrible to have to be allergic to things in ones own home.

raw skin

everything is left and i end up cleaning but the skin comes off my hands and my flesh is out.


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