Change you say . . .Change?  Is change good . . .Lets see.

I am glad i changed my mind and chose not to Find the answer to the old myth we hear about and get to see on Television where they can do anything they want . . . Anything.  Especially the one where you  stick your tongue to a METAL rod,  in the winter on a really cold frosty day when the shiny glistening ROD is kind of looking at you, pulling attention to the corner of your eye, saying  lick me . . .Put your tongue on me.  See if you stick to me . . .

I don’t want to lie to anyone . . .I can and will count the days and times i really wanted to put my tongue on that frozen pole outside,  on that,  frosty dry cold day . . .[ This change is good ] I see the cold on the pole and feel the warmth in my mouth and can just know my tongue will instantly STICK SOLIDLY TO THE STEEL ROD,  and no one is around,  to help me,  and i will end up standing there until spring or i would have to rip my tongue off the now {got you} pole,  leaving torn flesh [the tip of my tongue ], blood filling my mouth, all because i wanted to know if it was true. Does your tongue really stick?

CHANGE IS GOOD because as i thought i wanted to stick my,  tongue to this cold pole and see something really dumb for myself and not take the word and pictures of anyone . . .I also thought how cold,  would it really have to be,  to actually siege and hold my tongue?   How cold,  do i know cold,  that i would stick to it. . .What comparison do i have,  of this nature,  of the elements and flesh and cold, stored in my brain . . .

As i am approaching this whole scenario,  outside in the freezing weather with this,  glistening shiny frosty pole, walking toward  it,  standing right beside it,  i am asking questions any familiar situations of wet warm and cold . . .Are there any in my memories?  I think yes, when my hands are warm and i pick up something frozen, all depending what the object i picked up is, my finger tips stuck fast and i was scary to pull away,  as i lost a hint of skin on my pinky on one occasion.   I also remembered my lips on a frozen popsicle once . . .Things were coming to mind so i changed my mind, continuing on my way, actually giggling to myself as if i even considered putting my tongue on frozen Steel in the first place.

Yeah well there have ben other  times, when i changed my mind,  several times, and  it turned out to be a bad thing or something i wished,  i could change back, but it is impossible to do.  That kind of change is  not good.  Body change can and can not be good and i think someone else is better equip to chat on that, just in case i say something really stupid because i didn’t see or understand the harm in it. People get up set . . .By then it is too late to change.

So change is good at times on or at the forehand.  

Think before you change, change before you think or you will be sure to blink and blink and blink. [ Something my mom and dad would have told me ].  They were a change from other parents. I remember when i as little.

Is change good?  What do you think . . .Change your mind your hair your shoes your attitude your name your underwear your self. Always and forever some change is good. 

I would love to have pictures but i really could not find or get anyone to stick their tongue to my steel post, they all with-in seconds changed their minds.

I changed my mind about pictures and figured you are my readers and i know you would like to see pictures, so i shall oblige you.

don't do it

Why did i do this

{I put  my steel hammer in the fridge}








Why oh why

Don't ever do this








On a stick

This lick on this steel is worse than i thought. But it is for you.

PICTURES for you.



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