Hello, today i choose to talk about the voice.  You know the one i mean.

I am Thetaler and i know all and i know you all have the voice in your mind, head, whatever you want to call it,  you have the voice.


Sure you all do. Thing is . . .Most of you call it your conscience. Plenty of you know it is me.  Through me i say unto you. You choose not to know i am the voice you hear in answers to your prayers, your thoughts, your hopes,  your dreams.  I am that voice.

Shall you hear this voice you shall not hear another. [ You might want to be out cold for that ] as i understand it can be pretty scary hearing a voice outside your head and no visible body anywhere to be seen.   Tell me

The voice of your GOD YOUR LORD can come at you like any other voice and you will be okay . . .Tell me should i speak unto you YOU will not fall to your knees  in idioticy.


I told you of some of my happenings with my LORD my GOD and with my whole being each word can be held true. So i being the THETALER  has another tale for you about actions in the stead of sound.  It will not be pretty so it will not be for the weak-minded. They will get sick or think ill thoughts or think horrid things or never read again or something else .  But this what you are about to read and see is not nice or nice to look at or even know.  So click that red X  now and only know that this TALE  is about fetish body waste, feces, excrement,  with pictures . . .NEED I SAY MORE?  Don’t read any more if you don’t want to hear and see about shit.


I told you my friend died, his name is Andy. He was 71 and i did Love him because he was my friend.  WE had fun, he liked to win my nickles and dimes playing cards. And win he did always?  Why could not i win?  We only ever played with two and a half dollars at the most, and i did win once . . .{big baby didn’t like it} whatever it was funny when i went home because i went home with his Christmas candy too.   He got despret tossing in the bowl of candy.  It was FRIGG’EN funny when i choose to keep it all taking it home.  Whatever . . .This man was a fun friend at one time.

But time went on as it does and things changed and i could not get around to seeing him much to the point of not at all for two or more years.     I hang my head in SHAME as he did call out to me asking if i could go clean his home once a week or something and he would even pay the taxi and what ever.   But i declined . . .I said NO . . .I too hurt all the time and my knees are not good and my arms are injured from work and don’t you have a sister or a niece or someone closer that can do it?   I can’t Andy . . .Plus you smoke too much and your windows don’t open and i won’t be able to breathe in there long enough to clean. Besides. You should have married me when i asked you.  He became quiet and i became quiet and he said No   no   no okay then blah blah, i  i  i  will call someone else.  I became stern and said. Look i will if you can’t find someone.      NO it’s okay he said. 

I didn’t see him for a while now, when i saw him everyday at the bingo hall.  Now he died half in his bed and half out, was he getting in bed or getting out, was it is heart, he was a lone.  I cried inside myself asking all sorts of things wanting to know and wishing i said yes i will clean.  What is LOVE i don’t understand. But i can tell you i did love him and will forever. That must be the Love.

I went to the bingo with my mother,  Monday January 30, 2021.  When we arrived at the hall My step-father went right to choose a table and my mother and myself went to buy bingo cards in hopes to win a large amount of money. Three thousand dollars was the one pot.  We were there the day before, Sunday,  and i looked around for Andy and was surprised to see he was not here and i had said something about this because he never misses a day.  I quit going to bingo a long time ago.  But three weeks ago my mom drug me out there,  and i got to see Andy,  i went right over to him and shook his hand and may have kissed his cheek as i did. We laughed and talked a bit and went our seprate ways. I remember he used to show up at the bingo dressed up like a cowboy and i thought it was the best , sure i giggled at him, laughed even.  We were good friends.  Now here we are Monday to win bingo big, we have our cards and just as i get to the table my sibling was there . . .You know the one who ran away when she was little.  Her.  Just like that she starts going on.

Andy is dead yep i went over to his apartment and had to yell at this girl to let me in cause no one here would go i heard whats her face say he calls her every day and he hasn’t called for two days so F that i went over, yeah and this stupid F-ing landlady wouldn’t let me in so gave her shit and said what the F and she let me in.  F her . And i am still trying to figure out what she is even saying to me. It is all so fast and blah blah blah. Now she is saying, and i called out his name three times and i finally found him he died. . . .I SAID WHAT?  Yeah Andy is dead.  He was half on the bed and half off the bed . . .When i touched him he was cold cold cold.  I was out of sorts all night and lots of fun memories flooded my head.  I cried inside and it was all shaky, it was horrible to be sitting there while my friend lie just over there a lone and dead. I was not okay but i was fine.  My mind was else where most of the time, i was glad to be with my mother and step-father and my silly BLESSED sibling.




I asked the Lord my God over and over and over and getting up-set and continuing to ask getting annoyed even,  and still asked,  until i fell a sleep [I WANTED TO KNOW ] did my friend POOP himself.

I asked all night crying unto my Lord until i fell a sleep.  JUST TELL ME . . .WHY CAN’T YOU TELL ME . . .I WANT TO KNOW . . .As if you can’t let me know if Andy was full of poop . . .WHO SHOULD CARE IF I KNOW. 

I don’t remember when i fell a sleep but i did.  But i will never forget waking up . . .[ Body-waste ],  was forcing its way out of my,  body. I could not stop it,  i had not one,  ounce of power, over myself, i only had time to act, getting myself to the bathroom. 

I can’t describe what came out of me but i am sure you know. And that was not all, by the time i cleaned,  tossed out my underwear, got back into bed,  i was forced back to the washroom where more stuff washed out. { It did not strike me as of then } I wondered if i ate something and left it at that. But then i came to fully understand in the morning as, as soon as i woke . . .My body was screaming at me and the bathroom was occupied. Someone was taking a



shower!…I dumped some stuff out of a plastic pail i had in my room and sat down on it while my nostrils filled with the smell of 100% rot. And it seemed like it was never going to stop, and my knees were screaming at me, telling me they were never going to let me stand up. And i heard the voice , in the back of my head, i am sure,

THE VOICE said . . [Yes at the hall, yes at home, yes before you slept. . . Yes].

I understood the voice and wished i listened at the hall. I also would have been saved the embarrassment that happened after the person got out of the shower . . .But in all fairness i laughed my ass off for the next two days, and am still laughing. { I took pictures and took them to my mother that day.} And now show and tell you.

When the person came out of the bathroom [Good for them. ], i say, as if you take a shower first thing in the morning without letting other people at least pee first . . .But anyway when they came of the bathroom and it went like this.

“Were you just in the bathroom?”

“No i just woke up.”

“Well you should see the F-ing mess in there.”

“What?    Mess?”

“Somebody has shit all over the F-ing place in there.  You should see it . . .F-ing shit all over the toilet seat.  F-ing shit all over the walls.   F   u   c   k   there is shit all over the place man.  I couldn’t even take a piss i wanted to puke.”

“What?   As if . . .”

He went back down and i went to the washroom. 

After the stunning wore off i laughed like a bastard idiot until i cried.  Then i took pictures but not of the


What the crap

wall in front of the toilet . . .I was confused as to how it would get there and thought it is just two small blotches of poop what was the point . . .I should have.


 Because while i was washing the wall first the baby came in and saw the poop and started gagging, and i told him to stop it and get out.  He took his time fighting me and gagging


Oh brother . . .

and by the time i got him to the living room and me back to scrubbing the wall he was vomiting all over the floor between the livingroom


Stop it and go sit down get out of here

and hall then again from the hall to the bathroom.

What are you doing i said . . .Go watch your cartoons while gramma washes.

I tossed his dad’s wet towel down on the floor covering the baby’s puke and finished cleaning the wall then the toilet then the floor, telling myself i better get a better handle on THE VOICE and my wanting to know certain things.



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