Lloyd Bridges in 1989.

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Well there you have it . . .Today i feel like Jeff Bridges, for an instant i seen a glimpse of myself in the mirror and i saw Jeff Bridges. 

Jeff Bridges at the Premiere of True Grit at t...

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AND YES that is a good thing, a grand thing as the matter of fact a [really awesome actor ] if you ask me.  But then so was his Father, Mr. Lloyd Bridges, i grew up watching him on the television and i though he was a grand actor.

So here i am, like a stranger in my own home, in the mode of Bridges. Running around playing into scenarios of different character’s keeping the grandchildren amused type with you,  and look at or into, cleaning the kitchen.  When the truth of it is, i just want things to be quite.  I feel i have reached the age of where i should not have to be doing all this cleaning all the time, my children are over the age of twenty-four and should not need me to clean after them.  I have no me time,  i have no me.

looking like

Me? Jeff Bridges? No way

Under ground

In this world

The odd visit would be greatly appreciated, even to say . . .”Why how odd, they come every three days.”    Well,  i will tell you, every three days,  i would be ready for them.   Why i would even take the children everyday and they go home for the night . . . I would like to have a little glow ball to make things happen too.   [ I saw it in a space-man movie that Jeff Bridges played in. ]

I would take that little glow ball in my hand and have the house across the street from this one and have the kids every day or when ever, but to live with the parents and their habits,  i do not want to be here.  Skip town is what i want to do.  But not to return to the sky man like Jeff Bridges did in the movie, just in my mind today, and i have this feeling i’d like him to stay, that way my mind will be occupied with thoughts and not crashing and banging of my dishes as my daughter throws them around . . .As she is angry. Very angry and taking it out on my dishes and not me . . . This is good and i allow the slamming of several things without any interruptions at all.  I have no time to give to this matter,  other than what i all ready gave. Now i just listen and learn, learning as i listen. And she is calming down and not lecturing her niece, my grand-child over nonsense, in my home.  I win and the dishes are done and the table is clean and now it is quite, Earthman. Jeff Bridges.

in the earth

MY brain

I want to go home too, but not by a beam of light, by way of walking across the street, that would be out of this world too.


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