The offer is small so we will talk of the offer first because life is like that…Little things go first.  Now for my OFFER . . .

Cool i was offered 15 dollars to blog my story to you without any editing and off the top of my head stuff..  [I’ll take that offer ]  I like money just as much

I will take that

as the next guy. Well not that much where i would  hurt anyone for it or over it.  I am not that ill in the head.   BUT I WILL TAKE 15 dollars to blog you off the top of my head and with , out, any edit . . .Sounds scary? I know, but here goes . . . Money   money   money  and then.

Bingo is an awesome money-making scheme if i ever seen one. 

Wish i had a scheme like that, [it was a good idea ], right from the start. And  smart because,  while money is being raked in,  people are receiving help from half of the profits. This is a good thing and governmental controlled.  Sure the government get a fair in take of the money,  made by this money-making scheme of bingo . . .WHICH STAND IN GOOD REASON, {they make sure the little people are taken care of, by reassuring  the fact that if the little do not get their share the

Money making scheme and he wants to win

bingo is shut down and a fine is placed out on the deceiver of the bingo money-making schemer.   {We call them dirty stinker’s,} Finding ways to keep it all to themselves and cheating out everyone else just for the money, [ that evil root ], of the stuff.  MONEY  MONEY  MONEY.

  • BINGO  should you play it,  respect  your hard-earned money that pay your bills and takes care of your family and home.
  • money that you use wisely with respect to buy the bingo cards to allow you in the game of trying to win money

    I paid out more money to play on a machine as well, two chances to win.

  • BINGO is fun and funny and stressful to play if you have a bad wing, [ where your arm is attached to your spine ], i call it your wing, that hurts a lot plus if you don’t get your numbers to form a line, you don’t win money . Problem with that is you go through this process several times during the one whole session which is twenty games or so.
  • MONEY   money   money,  puts you through this amount of pain and any other ailment you may have on your body or in your mind . . .something there like that.  I hear plenty of people getting up-set when anyone else calls out bingo rather than themselves.  Really . . .As if?   We all came to try to win money not just one person meaning ourselves and everyone else paid to play just to watch you win all night.. [People actually feel this of themselves? ] poor-sports-manship if you ask me and i would not want to play any game

    Now there is no way we cannot win, if i don't win something here is wrong.

    outside bingo with any of them,  {sounds scary} if he went nuts just because i won.  Twice.   Funny to me . . .I actually won once, three times in a row, and this person yelled out in a nasty voice . . .[ I DIDN’T COME HERE TO WATCH YOU WIN ALL NIGHT. ].  Wow lucky me as someone else called out right after him . . .Then go home.  How Sweet . . .And at the end of the night i won the jackpot.  BINGO.!

  • And boys and girls when i call bingo , i call BINGO  in a nice big loud voice.  Some times i like to call really really fast and then i giggle over the shock i give some people, [they jump in their seats]. Then i laugh and snort a little bit.  If i laugh to hard i will not be able to see my cards to dab a number that was called.   I know i have learned the hard way.  
  • NO HARD LAUGHTER so tiny jokes only are nice. Sometimes there is no talking at all . . .Just praying to the Lord to just let me win this one . . .Oh please i will be your friend . . .Then i laugh, yeah well,  i feel a special bond with the Lord and i do joke back and

    YES . . .I Win again? YEAH YIPPEE

    forth.  I do get right silly at times and people look at me  when i am out in public.  WHICH IS A STRANGE PLACE TO BE,  this public place is not for me . . .Though i do rather like and enjoy lots of the strange stuff going on out there . And i LOVE GOING TO BINGO for the pleasure to be with my mother, [it is really the only way i get to see her ], but a lot for the money.

  • Money is something we all need.  WAIT A MINUTE . . .We all do not need money, only the people who do not have lots of it need it.  But what about the people who have none?   I will tell you .    Bingo.         By this awesome money-making scheme of BINGO!  Wish i could think of something like that and make money  lots of money. I would donate to the lesser too.

But in the mean time i will respect the fact that i really only have living money and not play money and only go when i feel it necessary to be near or around or just to see my mother and watch and listen to her craziness that she is not winning bingo and i laugh at her and tell her not to stroke out.  Or she will never get to play bingo again.  Which is all quite funny. Does she swear? Is the sky sometimes a different color?


1,000.000.000 do i need more? Dots and zeros that is.


AND THEN  She has  a chance at a MILLION DOLLARS and wakes up trying to remember what she just dreamt.  “What was tha?  how did what?”   Nuts.   Cause, she knew it had something to do with making MONEY  or maybe she was dreaming of bingo and money was dropping down on her and she woke.  The grand scheme of money money money. I think i am obsesses with a million dollars illness or disease or something there like that because all i can think about lately is MONEY  MONEY   MONEY   AND BINGO. Wait that is not true, i think of other things too. I think of you.


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