Life is very complicated,  yet  each day we find our way into the new day they tell us,  is called tomorrow.  They also tell us tomorrow

It was not snowing yesterday

is a different day where things will be different [if we let them ], it is up to each and every one of us to make it different or better for that matter.  

Of course this process is the normality of it all, everyday is a new day where you have the opportunity to change, to do different, to start over, to do what you really want, to just be you.

It is very normal to do what you want to do.  [ I AM NOT TALKING VIOLENT SHIT ], in any way!  {this is not normal} This is an illness that the government should look into a little bit. 

Why do i have to eat all the left overs FINE!

It is the NORMALITY of everyday life to take care of the ill and not let it run loose in the streets, after all.   Has History not taught to banish all illness?   But  [should you feel like skipping rope ], who to tell you,   you can’t? . . .

  • A BULLY?  
  • A BOSS? 
  • WHO? 
  • Who do YOU tell what to do? 

    It's my Birthday and i will if i want to

  • And why?
  • who are you?
  1. See where i’m going on this NORMALITY in life? 

I do not do anything in Normality any more. 

I seem to have lost it or allowed someone to take it away from me,  of course this would have been long ago.  Cause here i am and i did not get here over night.

No…It took years and some of them stand-out, in my mind,  where i can see just that point,  that moment in time, something i loved doing,  banished.  All because someone changed me, and i let go.

 And now the Normality of it all is,  i do not know how to be, or function outside my door, except for to be on the defence and always

Are you going to be a swimmer

on guard and ready to take down or be put down and when i think about it / which i do . . .Who is going to tell me i am not being NORMAL when it is all very normal to me. That is how i was raised.

Odd,  all my life,  people would tell me i was not normal  . . .But they thought i was funny.  Which just brought me to the conclusion that people like to laugh at the un-normal things in life, [it brings pleasure ], i realized i was pleasure to people. PEOPLE do not live in pleasure on a daily basis, they like it once in a while is all.  WHY?


It is not normal to thrive in a state of pure pleasure for lengthy periods of time. Do they call that state of mind something like idiocy, something there like that. Think about it really . . .Your mind up on a high peak never coming down. {anytime there, lu-lu} Sounds shaky to me.

It would be so grand to be able just to do what we like to do, without other people telling us it is wrong or not their way . . .The real normality of it all is those people telling us how to live feel like they are very normal by thinking it is up to them to help us through each and everyday, but doing it, their way.   But then look what happens.

While we live out our lives, living,  like them,  we slowly tuck our

I'm going to start my own business you will see

own selves,  way,  back somewhere,  where we think it is safe and i will remember you another day, [that day never comes ].

We tossed  that normal thing we did away.  Which was something  of ourselves,  that was a normal thing we liked doing, just to please someone, we gave up a piece of ourselves. But the bad thing, the sad thing of it all is . . .One day we wake up a lone.         [ Oh No ] . . .

  • Are you YOU?  
  • Are you THEM?   Normally you woke up with them, now it’s just you.

YOU have to find yourself  you have no choice.  But me? . . .

  1. The real normality here is you either like me or you don’t and i can’t care. {it is normal not to care i forgot how} though i am rather sorry if i offend, i do not mean to or do it with temp.
  2. I just do not know NORMAL, nor the meaning. [I know right from wrong ], and that is good enough for me. 
  3. Because even i  know,  it is 100% NORMAL to teach from the beginning of life, what is RIGHT & WRONG, but not by beating it into us. 
  4. I can learn like everyone else without being hit, i think. 
  5. Wait a minute . . .Let me re-phrase that will you.  
  6. As i  am,  rather dumb,  and i do get myself into things by accident out of  innocent wonderings.
  7. And it does take me time to learn things, some times a lot of time.
  8. So lets just say . . .People should find other teaching tactics rather [ a one minded track ] then they wouldn’t need hitting. 

    How many ways can i show you

      Better?  Yes. 

  9. Scared myself for a minute. Too funny if i do say so myself.

But life is like that Normally, isn’t it?  Funny that is,  {nevermind}.

Are there any books out there on THE REAL NORMALITY?

  • Because normally i would wake and kiss my spouse on the cheek and get out of bed.
  • Wash and dress making sure to put the kettle on the stove.
  • Start cooking eggs and toast putting cereal and milk on the table along with jam and peanut butter and cheese-whiz.
  • Tidy up a bit washing the morning dust off things and wait for all to wake up then the day begins.
  • Kisses good-bye as everyone leaves off to work or school.
  • Then more cleaning of the house and washing of the cloths and sewing if need doing, and readying for all to come back for lunch.
  • More kisses hugs good-bye and the afternoon starts more dishes and tidying as they all leave, make a blanket or do some baking planning a hearty supper. making the beds are in there somewhere.

When all that is gone,  what do you do – where do you go from there,  all you know is to be a wife, mom, man or a husband and fashioned into something, someone else.  now, no one telling you what to do.    Even the normal daily years have come to a pass, where age has control and nothing is normal anymore.

The real normality of it all is . . .We left ourselves back there at the start of it all when we should have been keeping it with us. 

Who was i

Life is what we make it and we all have our own choices whether we act upon them or not is a choice we make as well.


AND THEN  we have people like me where our thought patterns are normal if they move all over the place and they get voiced as they come.   Because in typing all this for you i came to realize that my son does things for me out of compassion in a way that he understands that i do not understand so he gives into or unto me.  HOW AWESOME IS A SON LIKE THAT.   Lucky me.

THE REAL NORMALITY IS   i seldom tell my son thank-you for being mine. God could have given you to someone else.


  1. rich man
  2. poor man
  3. baker-man  
  4. thief
  5. doctor
  6. lawyer
  7. indian chief
  8. tinker
  9. tailor
  10. cowboy
  11. sailor
  12. But he didn’t,  he gave you to me, probably cause he knows that i am  dumb. Thanks-kid for being mine.

    I have to do this again?

  13. And i know the real normality of it all, is,  i raised my son. {And just for some of you, he uses the capital I all the time.} Not me.



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