I ran away taking all my belongings that were special to me.  This was all the things i owned . . .It was not much but it was mine which made it special.

My MOTHER is the most BRAVEST person i know.  And in putting her away in my head somewhere i have come to FIND out that she IS THE BRAVEST PERSON THAT I HAVE EVER KNOWN.  I just found that out this very instant, with trying to blog about lost items that need to be found. MOTHER wouldn’t be happy, she would say, DIDN’T I TEACH YOU anything . . .

Smash for 33 years

Life is like that i guess . . .It just hits you at the strangest times.   {Meaning}  [I lost two braces ],  that i need now, as my son,  as ill as he is, took my thirty-three year old smashed up mirror to get fixed yesterday and he is bringing it today.  Well chances would have it, that i, would be the one in charge of  putting the pin,  braces, in a safe spot until. 

Well this is until and . . .I PUT THE BRACES AWAY FOR SAFE KEEPING back in early December.  And as far as i know they are still safe, but where.   I have been looking for them for the last 45 minutes and have given up this crazy search.

Mom is going to ask why i lost the pins

I can see where FINDING things I,   put away,  is going to be another lesson learned but one that will be forgotten again. { I tell myself all the time }to write things down and categorize them in proper filing order . . .But it seems like to much HOME-work for me so i tend to store it away in my memory, under,  don’t need to remember now,  which we will call our short memory storage banks.  {Meaning we only just put the info there} i don’t need it now. Then tell ourselves we will remember.

 This could very well be a bad thing.  [ Could be a form of talking to ones self ], i would say. Meaning i have not had any reason to ever think about the braces to remember where they may be.   But sure enough years down the road i will out of the blue yell . . .Oh yeah

Mom, i started cleaning off the fridge

the braces are in the blah blah, blah blah blah,  blah blah blah,   blah, while giggling and remembering all the silliness and broken things that went with the thoughts of the very thing you are looking for.

Strange,  the thoughts,  that take you to memories, of remembering what you lost and found.   MY MOM IS WAS MY HERO

I found i would give her the best party ever, January 14, 2012 and it was a smash . . .It turned out to be the best.  And i will tell you why then give you pictures and tell you WHAT I FOUND.

Find what you are looking for in here

  1. GREED  
  2. MONEY 
  3. POWER 

I had the best time i could have at this party, finding things i put away inside myself. Caring. Giving. Doing because i can.   SURE I WANTEDA Little PAY BACK!   She says as


she chuckles and types  [another pay per month bill], oh goody for me.

COMPASSION and love for my fellow-man forced me to have this huge party in a Banquet hall that would hold a hundred people of all sizes, and still lots of room.  This room is the on the main floor meaning no stairs [older people], my mother is 77 and she has older siblings . . .NO STAIRS.  So this space and flat form and nice shiny wooden dance floor seemed like the perfect place to hold what may very well be the last party in the world as i know it.  YOU KNOW . . .THEY ARE ALL READY TALKING DECEMBER 2012 THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.  So i got thinking about what if it is / then i want for my mother and every one of us to have the very best time ever. And this time would cost,  one hundred and fifty dollars, WITH

wrapped in toilet paper

TAX.  I had to think.

I thought that i quit smoking, the money that i put away in dollars save of tobacco,  would pay for the hall. I just needed music, games, singing, dancing, winning prizes, and FUN FOR ALL  with FOOD.

All that food, food for maybe forty people counting children, and me.  I looked into myself finding things that i put away, like.


    happy night to all


I pulled all that out of myself and,  did just what i wanted. I made some phone calls and asked questions and stated exactly what i wanted, [printing it all out], happy i did. I learned that lesson long time ago . . .WRITE DOWN ON PAPER WHAT I WANT{that was a hard lesson to learn it took me a long time to learn} 

So i had back up in what i paid for on paper with their signed name.   Turned out near the

even th babis are happy

end of the night i had to pull it out and remind people just what i paid for.  And BULLY for

them. Fine . . .I had to have my dollars worth and i made sure i got it.  I stood off a lone and i watched and had one of the best times i could ever have.  SO did everyone else. It was like waving the papers of justice in the faces of the bullies telling them, oh no you don’t . . .This is how it is going to go.  By the rules,  and i paid cash for these rules,  and they will be met.    Boy oh boy everyone was happy when

Jan 14, 2012

i pulled the papers.   {this is funny} as bully,  myself,  i told my daughter to see why it got quiet, then sent my niece up,  with the

dancing or skipping it's her party she will skip if she wants to

papers.  {still laughing here} But that is how it works,  when you are the one paying for the party. You give the ORDERS and the POWER i had felt great. {I remembered the papers} now where are the brace-pins for the mirror?


AND THEN   life is like that . . .

Happy fun






It is now 2:30 pm and my son just left.   He showed up with the mirror and i had to tell him that i can not find the pin-bracings, he was understanding and helped me look  for about ten minutes.  We went over places i had looked and still nothing . . .Then he said we may as well go a head and use something else, and just like that i walked over to a drawer opened it and there sat the two pins?  I don’t understand.  He hung my mirror

Welcome home







Was it fear of never having my fathers pins to hold his mirror in place or was it something else all together. . .An inside lesson, i knew

Glory be

It is you once again Thank-you my son

where they were all a long, i just forgot what they looked like.  The smashed mirror leaving my husband 33 years ago is now fixed. 




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