Got nothing better to do? CLEAN

When your system crashes,  things get hay-wire and confusion sets in.

Well it did for me . . .I was at a loss of things to do. So what i did do besides complain to the systems people was change my rooms around and wait!  Waiting was crazy and seemed like it would never come to an end. Today is day 17 and we are fixed. 

What happened was i received an e-mail from an old co-worker friend asking for money . . .I should have figured and deleted it, but one really never knows until they check, right? Right.  So i e-mailed her back asking if she really needed money and if it was indeed her sending the mail.  [ How silly does that sound? ] Asking if she sent the e-mail and if she needed money . . .Sounds stupid to me. NOW!

Oh well . . .To my surprise my question was answered fast, it was her and she did need help.  Only thing was the way the e-mail was reading,  it sent off bells in my head telling me it was not her. So i phoned her home, no answer, so i called her work . . .And there she was . . .At work where she started five in the morning. 

After i told her and her boss what i received from her e-mail,  asking me for money  they wanted me to call the police.  So i did . . .And in return the police wanted me to continue answering these e-mails until i was told an address to send the money.  {My co-worker knows  that i have no money} this is mainly how i knew it was not her.  After the third e-mail that was sent out to these criminals it was too late for me they had my system and i had no control of my computer, they did.  I was sad.  I was angry.  I was mad at the police and myself. 

When i told the police the address all they said to me was get your e-mail address changed right away and clean out your system now! . . .But it was to late. And it took 17 days to get my computer back..  So here i am and hello outside world. I have missed you.  And i have told my provider several times that this is my only link to the outside world.  WHAT? . . .YES YOU PEOPLE. This is my only link to you.


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