What is having the short end of the stick anyway . . .I mean really, the short end of the stick?   Is it a piece of wood that has been broken in two, then when you hold them together they are uneven, one is shorter than the other?

How about needing to reach down into a hole, to be able to push on a button, and this button would activate doors to open behind you,  granting you access to live in a world of free food and happiness. Only YOUR stick is too short.  And,  good luck finding anything else to help because there is nothing. It will be boo-hoo to bad for you,  live with what you have.  But all this is just helping you understand,  about,  having the short end of the stick in life. It has nothing to do with sticks.  Sticks, is just the old saying, [ you got the short end of the stick there didn’t you buddy], then they laugh.

I will tell you that having the short end of the stick is not necessarily a bad thing . . .It does make life harder at times, it all depends on the situation, doesn’t it.  Like sitting in the back row at a large gathering unable to hear everything being said.  That is really crappy. But here is the situation . . .Did YOU, arrive late and it was the only seat left or were you assigned to sit there?  That is the difference. If you were late then you chose to have the short end of the stick.  If you were put there . . .Well then, you were given the short end of the stick.     [ but then you see, having to sit way in the back and not able to hear,  just because you were late,  is no excuse, this causes the stick of things to be short,  as the seating arrangements were made short] Do you understand?   You can take the short end of the stick or you can be given, the short end.

But let me tell you,  that should you feel,  at anytime,  you were just handed,  the short end of the stick . . .STAND UP AND SAY SOMETHING just make sure you START your complaint with the WORD  EXCUSE ME  i’d like to say something about this seating arrangement . . .I can not hear anything so i should like to leave. Sorry for the interruption.  [see how fast everyone scrambles to help you]

  • But if you chose to be late . . .  
  • You now have two choices . . .

Disturb everyone or sit and do your best listening Until . . .There is an appropriate moment where you can excuse yourself and ask to be seated closer to the person speaking, adding it is interesting and you would LIKE to hear more.   There happens to be many ways to get what you want when you are handed the short end of the stick.  The problem lies with how shy you are.  Only the brave and the bold get what they want out of life.  The people who are not afraid to stand up for what they want. AND I DO NOT MEAN IN ANY SORT OF VIOLENT WAY . . .NONE! {that there is bully shit } to TAKE what you want. And in Thedoghouse there is no bullying because life is like that. HERE.  We try to please all who enter.

The young, the small, the weak, the shy, get handed the short end of the stick,  and that’s why.







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