?00,000,000,000,000,000  belongs to RC family 

1,600,000,000,000               belongs to  CANADA GDP 2005

13,500,000,000,000             belongs to   US GDP 2005

                         21,000             belongs to   THEDOGHOUSE   per year.

when it comes to living in a New world Order or even being able to exist in the new world that will be coming,  where will i be.  Who will even care?  No one.

Sad to believe that is what this world is . . .Money.   Something i have never had.

How do people come by owning so much money . . .Hand-downs, hand-overs, The Greatest of great grandparents left overs? I don’t know.

What would i do for a million dollars someone asked?  I will tell you.  The only,  thing i would do,  for a million dollars is simply ask for it. Quite frankly it would feel like asking my dad for ten cents for milk money at school back in 1965.   Because anyone with zillions of dollars can toss a million dollars out the window twice a week for a month and would not feel it.  So i would not feel ashamed asking for it.

 Odd though . . .I have never ever asked for anything from anyone but,  is it possible that the RC family just give me one million dollars just like someone tossing a coin in a wishing well?  Well for one thing, they haven’t got a clue as to me being alive and second why would they.

But about this NWO [new world order ] If there is going to be ONE world order . . .I would love to be alive and living in it.  So can i have one million dollars please? 

Then numbers would look a little better that What they do now.  THE END


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