The day was one of the colder ones when i decided i wanted to go get a job.   So i ate, changed into my best cloths,  [ cleaner ones ], picked up the news paper and left my nice warm home to venture out into the winter air to answer  work  Ads,   in the NEWS PAPER.  

“I can do this job i said,  i am here for the job in the paper.”

Why should i hire you the guy said . . .

“Hey i may not be the right person for the job,  but i am your best bet.”  Why,  is that,  the guy said. [ he was French ] So i told him i may not get the job done right,  but it will indeed get done.

This French man just looked at me calling, next!  He told me to stand on the other side of the room while he spoke to other people for the job.


I got a JOB in the cleaning business

At the end of the day i was washing toilets at a big banking firm with over forty washrooms in the building.

The pay is not that great but i got the job.



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