I thought i would use the productive side of myself to cover the front end of this unit  that was built for my daughter.  The door was broken off by a child. So i took the other door off. [Well i got my daughter to ] Telling her i would make her a nice curtain that would run across the front making it look nice.  So she did, she took off the other door.   But the person who made this unit disagreed and made a big deal of it saying they would just fix the broken door.   But i found the door to be un-fixable as the wood around the broken area was gone. . .How can you fix something gone i said.

How hard could this be i thought . . .So i asked several men, that if i bought a curtain rod kit, would they hang it for me?   They all said sure.  

But i guess i should have then asked,  when!   

Give me a day and a time.  

But i did not.

Who hammered this nail?

So the rod never got screwed to the walls of this cupboard and i never got what i wanted.   Which was to hang a curtain for my daughter  to hide the contents of this faceless cupboard holding plastic, I HATE PLASTIC AND PRESSED WOOD.

So i figured if i wanted something done,  i had to do it myself not really knowing how to.

As fast as possible i sewed two separate pieces of material to fit over the rod for the front of the cupboard, should it have a rod.  I really thought i had measured the material back when i asked and bought all this stuff in the first place. I see i did not, i quit like they all did.

inch worm inch worm measuring the marigolds you and your arithmetic you'll probably go wrong

  Then with out picture . . . Life is like that.  I hammered the shit out of a set of  side-hooks,   to enable me to screw them to the outside walls,  of this cupboard,  thingy thing,  i wanted to get rid of.     

I also thought  i had to enlarge the opening of the slots,  for the rod to sit in.  So i stretched them both. [ well,  one not so bad ]. But i got the job done,  and my curtains hung.   And here i did take pictures just for you.

should have hired a man

It was the next few days that followed that i started to wish there was a book on how to   just in case.  Then i thought . . .How is it possible to have a book like that out on the market.  Then i thought,  simple . . .Have someone like me write it. 

Because the first thing i would have said in it to that kind of question is. . .Toss it out the door like you really want to do.  Then,  go on to tell you to place all the contents from this unit anywhere else for now.  Then,  think,  if you like,  the space it just presented,  or the new homes for the plastic that you just found is fine, or would you like a new arrangement, all together?  Then i would refer you to other options.  Like phone a professional or just leave it alone.

 It turned out i could not screw the side hooks as i was not qualified to do so . . .So i thought nailing was the next best thing.  Only thing there was,  the nails bent or just would not go in the way they were supposed to.   So turned out, i could have saved money if i would have called someone or tossed it out or had that book on how to.



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