TAXES 2012


Wow 2012 . . .This is out of this world 2012. Amazing to some big deal to others, it is just another year, another day, just like yesterday, today.

But for some of us this is unreal . . .The ones of us who were told, never would there be a day past 1999,  as the matter of fact,  the world was to end there as well.  Even to reach 1999 was a blessing.  But here we are!      TWENTY TWELVE . . .And no Alien attacks. But in all fairness we will be all higher taxed.  Speaking of tax attack, i received a letter from my income tax accountant. He is telling us this year in order to save us a stamp he will file our taxes by E-file. Then he goes on to say . . .E-filing can lead to errors in omission.  HELLO . . .What does that mean?  What ever it means the big thing of it all is we get our refunds back earlier by 4 or 5 days.  Means nothing to me, i’d sooner pay the stamp and have it done right.  Then the guy goes on says . . .[ this is the kicker ], he says he is looking for new clients and if we know anyone to pass along his name . . .Well i keep calling him Shawn and that is not his name.

This is a whole new year with me and i will do my best to keep you all informed about stuff that really means nothing except something to me.



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