I remember when i was little and it was in the Christmas season. My Mom would give us a couple of washed tin cans and send us out singing for money.

We had to knock upon doors and sing in hopes of hearing the ching, ching,  hit the bottom of the can.  We did well by the way, so she sent us out on a nightly thing singing Christmas Carols.

I sang low, i have a deep singing voice all though i can sing high i prefer low. Some of my sisters can sing high and like it.  Some of my sisters are LOUD!  To LOUD which some times spoil a nice thing.  So i had plans for one of them this night . . .But please let me tell you this night things were boring for me,  i needed my spirits to be lifted should i continue on this night,  singing door to door for the hours we had to put in with this loud mouth causing some of us to be embarrassed.  A little laughter was needed on my part and the part of the others.  I don’t know . . .My way of keeping things in check i guess and teaching a lesson at the same time. So i thought.

Every once in a while i got this feeling to do something to spruce things up and at the same time change the situation back to where everyone is coping on the same level.  

And right now some of my siblings were not in a good mood and arguing up until the point of the door opening.  This WAS NOT MY WAY OF BEING OUT. As if . . .A bunch of kids are fighting outside your door ringing the bell to sing Christmas carols.  FRIG that!  I had a plan . . .I was only eleven or twelve at the time,  so i can understand,  what i did to try to change things back,  it made perfect sence to me. So there.

What i did was,  tell everyone but the trouble maker. There was seven of us girls and two boys, yes family. . .I told them each, off to the side,  when i felt it was safe,  that our next song would be,  Away in a manger. And i then told the loud mouth up noxious kid , that we were next singing,   We three kings.  I could very well be wrong with the song list as it has been  several years ago but . . .I did indeed do what i am telling you i did.

All was fine until the door opened and we all started to sing,  the mix up was indeed quite apparent and out of sorts, it stopped,  when the adults at the door said so. And by all means did fix the problem we were having with this trouble maker, it tamed them for the rest of the night and we made quite the money singing. Was that a bully thing?  Maybe.  But this sibling was a big bully herself and she still is.


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