Christmas is over. Yippee . . .It is a lot of work i find, from the moment i wake up til the moment igo to bed.  It goes something like this.

Waiting for family

First i make a nice breakfast for all who show up this early, this day it was two of my children and me. We had bacon, eggs, toast and orange juice. This is special for us, we usually just eat cereal or toast or nothing at all.  Then when this was over they go talk while i clean up and start stuffing my Turkey.

stuffing for the turkey

I use potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, sage and rice bread. (there is no wheat in rice bread.)    After i wash the bird i stuff in as much of the stuffing as i can into both ends of the turkey, then sew up the neck end.




Won't someone put me in the oven

I add about 4 cups of water in the roast pot with the turkey and add one chopped onion and salt and pepper.  Then i put it into the oven for one hour with the heat at 400 degrees.

Every hour after that, i take the turkey out of the oven and pour the juices over it for about a minute or two making sure to soak the top of the bird. And i do this until it is fully cooked, this took 4 hours, and i turned the heat down after the third hour to 350.

carrots turnip potatoes and corn

This is what i served with the turkey.  Potatoes, carrots, turnip, pickles cranberries, cheese, gravy from the turkey, corn and

Newfoundland lobster balls, and hot peppers.



cheese cranberrys pickles oh my








Lobster balls

We opened gifts then stuffed our faces . . .Lots of love fun and food.  And the food that got ate the most was the lobster balls.

Then i had to clean.


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