When the Grandchildren are Sick- Money the root of all EVIL


Things get pretty scary when both grandchildren get sick Coughing and germs all over the place.  But when they are so ill like that it doesn’t seem to be that much of a bother any more. You just wish they could breathe normally and while being sick.  Poor things so small and ill due to someone else who refused to stay home in the first place, keeping the illness to themselves at least until the germ dies.

This is something the Government of the people should think about. But then the money involved in this passing of any bill would be the very caUSE OF the lost dealings forcing sick people to jail should they leave the house sick.  Just drag them off and put them in a place for the sick until they get better. Then the next time the sick person will think twice about leaving the house exposing colds and plus and other crap that invades our health.  Because when a child gets sick due to anyone else it is a crime.  Some of those sickness can and do kill our babies . . .And just as bad, Money is in full control.

This evil root of money branches out to many business in the way of illnesses from the time you catch a sickness, leave your house, go to a store. buy pills, see a doctor. take a bus, hire a taxi, it’s all money because you are sick? Just think . . .If you were not allowed out of your house while sick no money is needed anywhere and business would dwindle and Governments would make any tax. Plus there wouldn’t be half as many sick people making your grandchildren ill.   I’m just saying as my babies are sick because a few adults chose to venture out while being quit ill themselves.  And if i was top-gun sort of speak, that very law would be inforced. IF YOU ARE CAUGHT OUTSIDE WHILE BEING SICK YOU ARE BEING PICKED UP AND TAKEN TO SICK HOSPITAL EMEDITLY  SIGNED BY THE GOVENOR . . .Sounds good to me. Have i left my house sick?  Yes . . .I think three times in my time so far, but i made sure it was on the third or fourth day.   [For some reason my family is blessed with good health. ]  So that i am not a sickly person i tend to be afraid of someone who is sick.  To funny right.  But to bad. I do not enjoy being sick nor do i like seeing sick children.  Maybe SHAME on me but life is like that. And i mean no harm by it nor do i cause harm. It just drives the hell right out of me to witness the sick out and about the non sick without a care. And just as i am indeed standing here typing this a person actually said to me If i’m sick everybody should be sick and coughed in my babies face. This is no word of a lie. I can tell you it was a sister. And you know what else?  My child was four months old at the time and every year after on the child’s Birthday they were ill until they reached an age in teen-hood.  Besides . . .I’m getting old to run around after a sick child because they do not know enough to stay resting . . .They follow you around and cry or they try to play and cry.  They can hardly sleep because they can’t stop coughing. It is sad and tiring. 

The End


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