Wow today is the 23 of December and we are getting snow for the third time.  The last three days we had rain and ice.  What ever is going on it is happening in three’s. . .Just saying,  i did not think we were ever going to get snow this Christmas.  Now we can make a snowman.

the snow

Getting ready for Frosty


Three days to Christmas here comes the snow.

But in order to construct any snowmen we will need it to snow for the rest of the day and into tomorrow. So far the snow is wet, and that is what we need to make our snowman,  wet snow. Yippee.

I will go out after and see if i can put a snowman together.  but i won’t promise anything that the weather has a mind of its own and changes any time it wants  to.  

Right now i am standing in the window watching the weather outside and  on the inside,  listening and watching   BURLESQUE   with Cher and Christine. Awesome movie if you like music and dance.  What i did was toss out some toast and pizza with pineapple under the tree, bating a rat trap for rat stew. Singing.

food for the rats

Here raty raty raty

snow fall

At least we have snow for Christmas if it stays

Here raty raty raty, come get some toast and pizza with pineapple then we can have rat stew.  At the same time watching the snow build up singing.  Oh Mr. snowman  snowman. Mr. Christmas snowman please come out for me.  Oh Mr. snowman snowman  Mr. Christmas snowman I’m waiting to make you you’ll see.  Well every body’s talking  about a new way of snowman do you want to lose your job. Oh Mr. snowman snowman  Mr. Christmas snowman Please  come here to me.

little man

I may not be a big snowman but i am snow

So far the day seems good it is not cold nor windy. This to me,  means the snow,  will stay for a little while but not sure if we will get any more.

Anyway, we have snow and everywhere is white for now.   Who knows we may wake up tomorrow to a heat-wave with the way  the weather has been acting, but whether we like it or not life is like that.

this is it

I think this will be gone by Christmas.


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