Someone asked me a series of questions, you know one right after the other, where you have no time to think.  And you know this part is shitty cause then you just give dumb answers.  [ Well i do ].  Why  just yesterday,  a series of questions were tossed at me from an Ad,  i inquired about with the heading, HEALTH  [Part of my HOMEWORK ], you remember i told you about my cry for help and that Teacher,  gave me homework.  Part of my homework is looking into FOUR businesses i would like,  to work in.

So i read this ad concerning health,  as it is mixed in with job findings, part  of the homework assignment, and it turns out to be worth FIVE THOUSANDS dollar pay out. Well  well i say to myself  with a coy smile and a twinkle in my left eye.   This is all turning out perfect, see what happens when you call out for help?  Did you understand what happened here?    I sent out a plea for help  and i took on this form of help which didn’t appear to be help to me. But what do i know about it, nothing as it is me asking for it.  Well this form of homework help is helping me and i am feel good about me and i am doing what was assigned and wow things are falling into place.

Anyway these questions were coming at me like lightning volts and my answers were quick and non thought of.   Now i think of things i would have much rather of said different.   Especially the motivation question, my answer was,  i don’t know.  Not a  Really,   good answer especially when the qualifications are deterred by the answers.   Actually the only question i can remember is what is your address. And i know i got that right.

See? quick and non thought of. Just answered.  Am i laughing?  Yes!   Will i be later?  No.    I will be serious and waiting for a call back to see if i am one of the selected.  Wow homework completed . . .Teacher will be happy . . .Maybe i will feel like looking for Love after all.   And why is this all working out perfect? Because life is like that if you listen to it. Sometimes we are too busy to hear it.

I am bashful, shy, dumb, stupid, nuts, weird, and lots more. But i’m pretty smart too,  actually i like to say intelligent, as smart just means quick. Quick to think, which does not mean wise, just quick, and quick can be good.

Thing is i wanted to chat at you about weight loss, but you know . . .I can only tell you stuff,  if i know and can prove it.    So i had my daughter take two pictures of my gut.  Flab.  That area of myself , so i could have a picture for you to compare any reasons for wanting a loss of weight.  Flab.  Oh no . . .I was afraid after seeing the pictures to post them to you. I have a hard time believing i look like that!.

So i postponed the weight loss thing and posted silly stuff about Christmas and what ever else new posted. . .Wouldn’t you know it . . .Turns out life is like that and now i can and will post my flab to you people first.  Because if i get a call back in answer to this ad.         GET paid to lose weight. 5,000 For your Success Story.   [awe? I have to right a story? ] Personal Image TV. Show. Call to Qualify.

They want pictures too, so, the way i figure, is, if there may be a chance that i have the opportunity to try to make 5,000 losing weight.  Well let’s do it starting with my picture posted in THEDOGHOUSE,  having no time for shyness or bashful or any other silly thing and we all lose weight if need be.

Let me warn you though, what you are about to see is rather shocking,  i had no idea i looked like this as iam alway dressed.


To care or not to care

Just goes to show you never give up,  there is always hope,  you just have to be able to hang in there until YOU ask the RIGHT PERSON FOR HELP.  Like i did.

If You Should Ask For Help And Someone Gives You Homework Look At What Was given To You After A While Actually Read It Then look At It Again Then Again if You will Then read It While looking At Each Word Take All The necessary Brain Storming You need Then Tackle Your Homework. – is what we are to do with ourselves on a daily basis.  SELF-HELP.

Do we?  Do we help ourselves out or do we just let things slide and blame someone else  or say i will do it tomorrow and tomorrow never comes or something there like that.

We have to work on ourselves everyday just like going to the bathroom and taking care of business. We are not to hide inside ourselves as there is no HELP in there, we have to speak out until we understand,  help,  is right in front of you should you take it,  do your homework and start feeling better about yourself doing something for yourself.


Where did i go when did i quit

I did the homework as best as i felt i needed then  took my old hands and crochetted a blanket in thanks to this teacher.  Lame excuse i know but for now it is working for me as the teacher did not come check in yet so until then I am on top of the world. I even went Christmas shopping and wrapped gifts. And today is Day Eleven that i Quit Smoking and still no patch. If i wasn’t this old i would lay on the floor and kick and scream until someone gave me a smoke. I am glad i am big.  But life is like that and i would rather kick and smoke but i won’t . . .I can not and will not let tobacco rule and guide me no more.  I have a fantastic reason to get fit.   Me.  I count.


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