CHRISTMAS I Remember When I Was little


Christmas was great when i was a child. Christmas was one of the other times we got anything.  I remember when i was little Christmas was the best for us. We had ten gifts each that i can remember under the tree not counting the things Santa brought. It was like being in a department store right there in our livingroom.It was amazing to see.  The only other time we got anything was Easter. Christmas and Easter. But i broke the chain . . .I added Birthdays for my Children. So they get All three celebrations, CHRISTMAS EASTER BIRTHDAY and what ever comes in between nothing more.  Well, LOVE . . .They get all my Love and Understanding as well.

Christmas eve

But i remember when i was little the last Christmas we had before we moved. It was UGLY my parents were fighting and my mom had a black eye and fat lip. But so did my dad. My mother was just as strong as my dad. They were hunters and always ate a fresh slice of raw meat from their kill.  So when they fought you can imagine how it went. UGLY.

This time my mom fought her way into our bedroom and over to me. Maybe she was losing this one battle as they never fought around us.  It was Christmas eve and my mom was crying,  asking me,  for help. I remember i just turned twelve as my birthday is 15 days before Christmas.

I remember my mother huddled beside me crying and my dad sitting on the floor beside the head of my bed,  so i asked him.   ” Daddy, why are you and mommy fighting?”   I could not see his tears but i could hear the cry in his voice when he replied.    “I’m sorry dear, i don’t know.”

The dark

To dark to see but sound is loud

In the morning it was Christmas and we had two shocks that Christmas day. The tree and all its gifts and both faces of each our parents.

Christmas is here again and i remember when i was little.


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