Christmas Gifts When You Don’t know what To Give


What do people really want but don’t ask for because it is not expensive or they can get it themselves or they don’t want it from you.  Well to bad . . .A gift is a gift and something given from the heart.  So i have three men in my life, one is my son and the other two are in-laws. What can i say . . .

I do not really know what they want as when asked they say. ” You don’t have to get me nothing.”   Is that right? I wonder if i got them nothing what they would say.  Life is like that. They probably would say nothing as they are adults, but what are they thinking is a whole new ball game.  So i got them each this. It will help keep the house clean.

Happy Christmas

This gift will save a lot of floor cleaning.

A Boot Scrubber . . .Laugh if you want but i also threw in a can of chocolate nuts and some gift certificates.  Besides it is not their BIRTHDAY,   it is the birth of Christ.   MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL  from  THEDOGHOUSE.



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