I asked for help, i called out for my life to have some change in it. How did i end up with HOMEWORK?  Quite frankly where does homework come in with my problems? I think the problem is, that  i asked and called out to a teacher . . .Go figure!  And yes it makes perfect sence to me.   You know you asked for a little more mustard on your hamburger,  and they dump half a cup of the stuff on it,  just for the fun of it or just because you asked.  So i chalk up this homework request,  up there,  along with asking a boxer what does it feel like to get punched in the head, and he shows you or with asking the wrong police officer in order to write an arrest . . .And he arrest you dragging you through the system only it is all for real and you are losing your livelihood over a question,  asking for help.  In this case, it is the second round of HOMEWORK .

Yeah well guess what . . .It has come to me,  the understanding of this homework assignment. As indeed my cry for help to this teacher ended me up in HOMEWORK,  is  [saving me ],  after all.   Yes,   it took me time to understand this, this is December 16, 2011.  And i reached out to this teacher in NOVEMBER.  And they gave me homework two days later . . .

Anyways . . .That i came to this understanding right now this day that i am telling you, i feel in my heart i want to thank this person.  by doing something nice and not this Homework.  { Well,  i will tackle it and get back to him sort of speak. }  And Yes,  i am laughing now.    As i know this teacher will speech me out,  forcing one of the characters in me,  to feel stinky and end up doing the homework anyway, but for now. . .I need to thank them for indeed hearing my pleads, plus caring even to give some of their time up for me.  And believe me . . .This person i know to be very busy on a daily basis,  really has no time for me, but they found,  time for me,  and i know,  how precious time is.  So  i will spend my time on something else for them.

warm thanks

I grant you warm thanks for the time you give up for me

And do the homework at a later date,  after Christmas . . .At least. Deep down i don’t think this is going to wash very well with the teacher.  But what the hey i will be as sweet as possible when and if i say . . ” Hey teacher picture this . . .I have two dogs and they ate my homework.” 

But we all know when a teacher gives you homework and you don’t do it,  [ for any reason ], not only are you  in a chalk load of trouble, you get your homework doubled, plus  they gave me 4 assignments and the one  has 4, things to do in it.   One of those multi questions, so picture all that Homework doubled.  So instead of this HOMEWORK  for now , i am making them a blanket using my hands, yarn and a hook.

And yes,

The blanket

A warm thank-you for caring

  i look at the homework and think and concentrate on what the answers may be, it was during this process i understood i was in the process of self-help. This homework made me care about me again and i feel somewhat  good about myself, again.  THANKS TO HOMEWORK AND TEACHERS,  i care again.  Plus my hands are getting old and this is hard work that i do for thanks. I hate homework . . .But i will do it.


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